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    Seattle City-Wide Student Walkout Against Bush’s War & Military Recruitment in Our Schools

    While the peace organization Youth Against War and Racism was hoping to have 2000 students skip class on the afternoon of November 2, 2005 (the first anniversary of President Bush's reelection) for a rally in Seattle against the war in Iraq and opposing military recruiters in schools, the actual attendance was much lower (about 300).  We were there to document what was, by all reasonable standards, a pitifully boring protest.  However, moonbats are always amusing (even when they're boring), so enjoy the following photos.



    The Seattle Police had a strong presence and were extremely professional.

    This anti-violence protester seems to be smitten with this officer's sidearm.



    The rally was to protest the war in Iraq and military recruiters in schools. This woman didn't get the memo. In small writing at the top, she added the words, "Response to".  

    The sign on the left was one of the tamer ones, saying "DON'T DIE FOR A RECRUITER'S LIE!" While we observed quite a few entertaining - and often vulgar - hand-made signs, most of them were dropped and hidden when the protesters got to this destination point and noticed people with cameras.

    One of a few apparent supporters of "Palestine" that took advantage of the encouraged truancy.


    We didn't really understand the witch's hat... Halloween was two days ago. In the background, several protesters started with the drum-beating "sit in".



    Those who were not actively beating a drum, or a drum-like object, tended to wander around looking like they didn't know what to do. The girl on the left, like so many, was suddenly embarrassed of her sign (or forgot she had one).

    We dubbed him "The Pan Man". When you don't have some neat bongos, you just use what you can. In the background, the ever-present "quagmire" buzzword made an appearance.

    The pretty man in the middle is wearing a "CODE PINK" pin (the full name of the group is "CODEPINK Women For Peace") and a "Jesusland" pin (identifying the red states derisively as a separate country called Jesusland). Everyone else seems tired, bored, or both. Is it just my imagination, or is the girl behind the Code Pink woMan and to his right going for the Janeane Garofalo look?

    I couldn't make out the writing on the upside down, desecrated flag, but the boy holding it is appropriately masked like a good little anarchist.

    Seattle's finest was out in force. They kept the peace with professionalism. Of course, many of the protesters seemed to be on the verge of nodding off anyway.

    The grungy guy walking away on the left seemed to grow bored quickly. He wasn't alone. His "No War" sign scored points for using the peace symbol as the "O", but lacked originality and seemed to fly in the face of reality (after all, there really IS a war).


    Green Hair Man (center) demonstrated leadership skills as he fought to overcome the pointlessness of the rally by leading others in displaying the peace sign. NOW, we got ourselves a rally, folks! About this time, the odor of incense drifted through, much to our relief.


    After letting them chant and bang drums for about 20 minutes at the march's destination point, SPD moved in to clear the street. Most went willingly, though one girl dressed in fatigues kept taunting the officers chanting "Hell no, we won't go!" Another protester, a middle-aged black man, called the officers "Nazis" because they wouldn't let him play in the street anymore.

    As we walked back to our car, we passed a coffee shop that had an apparent misspelling on their sign. It struck me as slightly... well, Soviet in nature.

    The sign of Lenin recommending the "AmericaNO" confirmed my sense that this was not your average American espresso bar.

    Yep, in Seattle you can sip your latte while basking in a communist atmosphere.  What a town!  I wonder if the owners see the irony in operating a for-profit capitalist business that advocates communism. Probably not.