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The Vatican Supports Saddam’s Right Hand Man

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The Vatican was unwilling to take a stand for the Iraqi people, and ignored their suffering for 12 years, but they’re willing to support and defend Tariq Aziz, Saddam’s partner in murder and torture. Aziz claims he never murdered or tortured anyone, so it must be okay right? Dictators usually don’t do the killing. They hire it done. Does this make them innocent?

Saddam Hussein’s former foreign minister and right-hand man has persuaded sympathisers in the Vatican to arrange free legal advice for his defence against war crimes.

Tariq Aziz, a practising Christian who acted as foreign spokesman for the Iraqi dictator, secured the services of Italian lawyers after contacting a group of Roman Catholic priests and bishops.

He wrote to his family from jail in Baghdad urging them to contact Father Jean-Marie Benjamin, a Left-wing priest who had previously brokered a controversial meeting between Aziz and the Pope before the war last year.

Fr Benjamin, who has said he is acting with the Vatican’s unofficial blessing, is now orchestrating religious and legal support for Aziz, the former dictator’s deputy prime minister, who has yet to learn the exact details of the charges against him. . . . . . . .

London Telegraph

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