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    BREAKING — Up to 10 Killed in Paris Terrorist Attack

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 4:23 am

    But, Bush and Obama said Islam is a religion of peace. How can it be that they would retaliate against a magazines anti-ISIS articles by killing more people. There is no such thing as a real moderate Muslim. The “moderate” Muslims are the ones standing in the streets cheering the death of the infidels. They are the one’s who don’t follow the koran and just watch from the sidelines. When will France wake up and do something about their Islam problem? Muslims procreate like polygamist rabbits, so maybe the outcome will be a Muslim France.

    Ten people have been reported killed in a what appears to be a terrorist attack in the offices of the Charlie Hebdo satire magazine on boulevard Richard-Lenoir in Paris (Paris XI). A policeman has also been wounded.

    At least 2 or 3 gunman are believed to have been involved, shooting Kalashnikov rifles.

    According to La Figaaro, the gunman are on the run after a shootout with policemen.

    The magazine has published anti-ISIS and Prophet Mohammed cartoons in the past…

    Article Link

    UPDATE: Car Bomb Explodes Outside French Synagogue

    UPDATE 2: Paris Attack Suspect Dead, Two in Custody

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