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    The Senate CIA Report and Democratic Treachery

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 5:22 am

    We already went through all of this when George Bush was in office. There were hearings, Congress was in an uproar, and the American people (at least half of them) were furious. We had tortured terrorists bent on killing us, and saved lives in the process. Now a decade later, the Democrats are bringing it up again in a report based on documents and not a single interview of the people involved. People will die because of this report being released. Tensions in the Middle East will be inflamed, and the CIA will be thrown under the bus.

    Barbara Boxer is still mad that the CIA spied on her staff years ago, and she’s out for revenge no matter who has to die for her to get it. The only reason this is getting dredged up again 10 years after the fact is politics. It takes the spotlight off of Obama’s scandals and ineptitude, and satisfies Boxers blood lust. It’s sickening and down right evil.

    On Tuesday, the Senate Intelligence Committee released the 500-page executive summary of the report on the CIA’s enhanced interrogation of terrorist detainees. Democrats, the media and Republican Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) are using it as an opportunity to hammer the CIA and the Bush administration, while American embassies, military units and other U.S. interests are preparing for possible reprisals. But adding further threats to Americans already in harm’s way matters not. Beleaguered congressional Democrats are desperate for a political boon and have turned to an old standby: sabotaging national security and sacrificing American lives.

    Since their betrayal of the Iraq war, Democrats, particularly in the Senate, have panned the techniques used by the CIA to garner critical information in the days following 9/11 as “torture,” and have claimed that they yielded no useful intel. Though the use of these techniques was long known to Democrats — with virtual indifference toward them at the outset — many Democrats have since claimed they were unaware of what was occurring, which explains their lack of opposition to their government supposedly engaging in “torture.”

    Leading the way on the latter fabrication was then-House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Her ongoing denials regarding knowledge of the CIA’s waterboarding of terrorists were ultimately undone by Pelosi herself in 2009, when she finally admitted she had known about the program since 2003. Yet even as she admitted it, she continued to promote the “Bush lied, people died” lie, insisting that “the C.I.A. was misleading the Congress and at the same time the administration was misleading the Congress on weapons of mass destruction.”….

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