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    BREAKING: ISIS Claims To Have Built A Dirty Bomb As Officials Warn Of Airline Attack

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 4:07 am

    Okay, so, this is not good. Mosul University confirms that militants have seized materials that could be used in a dirty bomb. Right after hiring a new bomb maker (I wonder what happened to the last one), ISIL is claiming to have successfully made a dirty bomb. With Christmas coming up, this is really scary. Will they commandeer 5 planes to do God only knows what with, or will they set off a dirty bomb in Europe or the U.S.?

    It was only weeks ago that a British citizen who claimed to be a bomb expert said he had joined Islamic State terror fighters intent on waging holy war in the Middle East and beyond.

    Now, as reported on rt.com, Islamic State militants are boasting that they have developed a dirty bomb — a crude nuclear weapon using materials seized from Mosul University, Iraq.

    The claim that ISIS bomb makers have nuclear material is not without merit or corroboration.

    Via americanthinker.com, we learn of a letter written by the Iraqi Ambassador to the U.N. to the body’s Secretary-General confirming that some 88 pounds of uranium that could be adapted for a dirty bomb was seized by militants.

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