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Protesters Foul New York City

Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 8:30 am

Protesters in NYC have been captured on film defecating on NYPD squad cars. They’ve so fouled the park where they are squatting, that the park owners say it’s reached unsanitary levels, and poses a health risk.

On top of their filth and stench, the “occupy stuff” crowd is hurting the economy in New York. These are the kind of thoughtless, self absorbed, lazy people we’re dealing with here. They don’t care about jobs, or they’d be looking for one instead of trying to spread disease in the streets of New York. It astonishes me that they think their methods will gain them any support from Middle America, or beyond. If anything, they are alienating themselves as a bunch of fringe jerks. The Tea Party (the 53%) gains support from a majority come election time, because they don’t conduct themselves this way.

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