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    UN Asked to Protect Religious Sensibilities

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 12:41 pm

    Muslim leaders just don’t get it. They’re asking the United Nations to ban any criticism of Islam. I don’t doubt that the U.N. would love to end freedom of speech and start prosecuting people in the ICC for saying anything negative about their pet religions, but it’s not going to happen. Even Europe hasn’t been dhimmified enough to do away with freedom of speech to that extreme. Well. . . . .PARTS of Europe haven’t stooped to that level of Dhimmitude. Germany is already locking people up for insulting the Religion of Pieces. Canada would also likely support any resolution that might satisfy the Muslims in their country. However, if these Islamic leaders think their riots, death, and destruction will scare countries like the United States into giving up the freedoms they fought and died for, they’re sorely mistaken. There is no universal right to not be offended. Get over it.

    The Organization of the Islamic Conference, a 57 member Muslim voting block, has asked the United Nations to take measures against what they call “Islamophobia.” Thomas Jacobson is with Focus on the Family Action

    “What the Arab nations are asking the UN to do is to protect them from any criticism against their religion. And that is not something that the UN should do.”

    Jacobson says the United Nations would be opposing the tenants of its founding.

    “They should not be suppressing human rights, they were formed to protect and preserve human rights and to encourage countries to do the same.”
    Sources say there is little chance the UN will adopt the Islamic program, which include a new definition of freedom of speech. Jared Leland of the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.

    “I doubt that the United States would sign an international agreement binding them to something that in essence would place a burden or restrict First Amendment rights over here.”

    Future Jihad author Walid Phares warns the United Nations about turning a theological issue into a political one.

    “If we open that Pandora’s Box then all religious groups are going to come and transform all legal systems, including international law.”

    Phares believes the request puts the UN at “a moment of truth.”

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