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  • The Scriptorium


    Anti-war terrorist sympathizers taken hostage by their own side

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 1:18 pm

    Four members of the anti-war group “Christian Peacemaker Teams” have been taken hostage in Iraq and are probably realizing about now that their captors are not freedom fighters and taking their side in the war was a very bad idea. The terrorists don’t appreciate their efforts to hurt the American military, they only see 4 infidels arrogant enough to walk into the middle of a war believing that peace will come if only they can start a discussion and get the military out of Iraq. While they brought this on themselves, I feel bad that, in all likelihood, they will lose their heads. They not only walked into the middle of a pack of terrorists, they did it while advertising the word Christian in their anti-war group’s name. They must have all been educated in a U.S. university.

    While I hope these people are rescued (no one deserves decapitation), I’m also angered that our military may end up risking their lives to save these ungrateful jerks. That would be the true tragedy.

    The Jawa Report has the scoop and video of the hostages. The terrorists holding them stated in video released by Al Jazera that they’ve determined their captives are spies. If only they knew the hostages were actually spies for their side. Never mind, they’d still kill them. An infidel is an infidel is an infidel, and a “Christian” infidel is worth 72 virgins.

    6 Responses to “Anti-war terrorist sympathizers taken hostage by their own side”

    1. Jennifer Rast Says:

      Just wanted to add that it’s still possible this is another staged kidnapping like some of the other “hostages” who later bashed the war and continued to support the other side after they were released. It wouldn’t be surprising at all if the hostages were simply aiding the enemy by helping them produce another video.

      If not, then they’re getting a close up view of the animals they’ve been defending.

    2. Jesus_is_Lord Says:

      “leftist anti-war group” being kidnapped by terrorist. Oh now that is choice. Isn’t it a bit redundant though?
      Poetic Justice at it’s best!

    3. Jennifer Rast Says:

      Aha! I was wondering who you would be over at LGF. ARe you max over there? Or did you just agree with his opinion? :) I read his comment on the LGF thread right before I saw yours and it was like Dejavu all over again.

    4. Jesus_is_Lord Says:

      Ah Oh…once again the blogsphere has exposed information that would have remained hidden for years!! :-)
      Ya got me. But unlike over here, I don’t comment much over there. A wise man once told me that it was best to say little in order to keep people guessing about how stupid I am instead of removing all doubt.
      Not sure why I don’t follow that advice more, but ya know I’ve just got very opinionated the older I get. :-)

      “and it was like Dejavu all over again“…isn’t that redundant?? :-)

    5. Jennifer Rast Says:

      The redundancy was a lame computer programmer attempt at humor. We’re just not as good at that as engineers. But, WE can use a copy machine AND change the toner.

      I don’t post much at LGF either, but I read the comments every day. They’re pretty entertaining over there. Free Republic is entertaining too, but they’re faaaar too territorial over there, so I go there rarely. Conservatives typically have a better sense of humor than liberals. Have you noticed Liberal blog comments are either R rated, unreadable due to spelling errors and an aversion to capitalizing letters, or so dry you fall asleep. Yeah, conservatives are just better all around.

    6. Jesus_is_Lord Says:

      You mean copiers use toner? What’s toner?

      Private Sub Command2_Click()
      Text1.Text = “I thought this is the only way programmers could communicate with each other”
      Label1.Caption = “Engineer Humor!!”
      Call LameHumor_WhyDoesJenniferPutUpWithYou
      End Sub :-)

      Yeah, Charles does a good job over there. Always good for a laugh.
      I can only take a little bit of the liberal sites at a time. They are just so nutty on them that you have to wonder how someone survives eaten up with that much hate and venom all the time. You are right about the “rating” of the sites, although I’d typically rate them “X”.