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  • The Scriptorium


    Beware a ‘Digital Munich’

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 12:04 pm

    The U.N. is still trying to take control of the internet, and not sounding very convincing. Every time the Oil for Food scandal heats up and Kofi’s misdeeds pop up all over the internet, the control freaks at the U.N. step up the pressure. In response to loud criticism ever since they announced their plans, the U.N. issued a statement promising that their intent is not to control content, but to lead the way in making the internet available to everyone, especially third world countries. Don’t believe it for a second. If this were really their concern, they’d be spending their time raising money and organizing programs that will put computers in every household. A computer and a connection to the internet is all that’s needed. They don’t need control of the entire network or the root servers for that. They do however need total control to filter content, shut down websites that don’t conform to their communist ideals, ban criticism of the U.N. and their Communist friends, and police “hate speech”. This is their intent, hence the praise and support coming from countries like Iran, China, and Saudi Arabia.

    This may not seem important to some, but the U.N. would, no doubt, put an end to the last place where we can all still speak freely. It’s more important than ever to keep Democrats out of power. A Democrat in power wouldn’t hesitate to hand over the keys to the net. In fact, Bill Clinton already tried it. Then the U.N. would either display their incompetence again making a useless mess of the internet, or they’d implement agenda 21 and start shutting down websites. I still believe it’s highly unlikely they will succeed because of the inevitable public outcry unlike anything they’ve ever seen, and because the U.S. just isn’t that stupid (yet). But, such a hostile takeover does fit well with the other end-times prophecies being fulfilled right now. I also suspect an internet tax is just too tempting for these criminals to resist now that Oil for Food money has dried up. They’ve been whining about needing a global tax to fund their conferences and private planes for years with no success. If you control the internet, you can tax it. I wonder how prepared the U.N. feels it is for a storm of angry, American hackers?

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