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  • The Scriptorium


    SHOCKER: Poll finds that few view the Democrats as religion-friendly!

    Filed under: — Ben Rast @ 6:05 pm

    Well, I could’ve told you that! Sometimes what is painfully obvious to most people does not become obvious to the mainstream media until after someone takes a poll. For instance, when the Democratic Party hired religious consultants to polish their image for religious voters, I knew that it would come across as insincere. Americans were just too smart to believe that the Democratic Party somehow suddenly cared about all that “God stuff.”

    Democrats’ efforts to improve their image with religious voters after the 2004 presidential election appear to be getting off to a bumpy start.

    Fewer people see Democrats as friendly to religion now than felt that way a year ago, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

    That number has dropped from 40 percent in August 2004 who thought the Democrats were friendly to religion to 29 percent now.

    “The change is seen across all groups,” said Scott Keeter, director of survey research for the Pew Research Center, which conducted the poll for the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life.

    A much higher number – 55% – saw the Republican Party as being friendly toward religion. While the poll is powerful confirmation, it wasn’t really necessary for most people to come to this conclusion. The Democratic Party is a staunch defender of abortion – even late term abortion. This practice of ending an innocent human life is repugnant to most who know what the Bible says and believe it. The Democrats have the ACLU as the unaffiliate tip of their spear. Anyone who follows religious freedom cases in the courts knows that the ACLU can usually be referred to as the Anti-Christian Lawyers Union. Democrats consistently oppose abstinence-based sex education programs (for being too religious, because it’s obviously religious to not fornicate before marriage) and are typically strong advocates for gay marriage. By and large, if the Bible says “don’t do ____”, that blank can often be filled in by a plank from the Democratic Party platform.

    If the Democrats want to appeal to the “religious” voters, they might want to take a revise their platform and practices and stop wasting money on public relations shills from liberal denominations.

    AP Article

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