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  • The Scriptorium


    Congress asked to probe ACLU

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 1:35 pm

    It’s about time someone made a move to counter the judicial terrorism of the ACLU. The ACLU has been using tax payer money to terrorize Christians and file frivolous lawsuits all over the country for long enough. They’ve grown in power and influence in this country by using extortion, blackmail, and threats against the American people and businesses, and they’ve been able to do it by riding on the back of an out of control judicial system. Cities have spent millions defending religious and historical landmarks, and private citizens have been harassed and hauled into court for exercising religious freedoms or their free speech rights, simply because they conflict with the ACLU’s secular, anti-Christian ideology.

    I sincerely hope Congress gives this issue the attention it deserves. We all have a right to live our lives without the fear of litigation from a non-profit organization whose main purpose has been to terrorize anyone it disagrees with politically.

    Following the ACLU’s legal action against New York City for allegedly violating citizens’ rights by random searches on subways, Congress is being asked to probe the group for “widespread use of frivolous lawsuits.”

    “The ACLU’s abuse of the legal system is criminal,” said Don Swarthout, president of Christians Reviving America’s Values, an advocacy group asking for the investigation.

    Calling it a “fund-raising stunt,” Swarthout asserted the American Civil Liberties Union’s action may also be dangerous to the citizens of New York City.

    “These searches are part of a well-thought-out security plan and may stop a terrorist from walking onto the subway trains and blowing up innocent Americans,” he said.

    The ACLU’s suit, to be filed in U.S. District Court in Manhattan, will claim the city’s new policy violates constitutional guarantees of equal protection and prohibitions against unlawful searches and seizures, according to New York Newsday.

    At the same time, the lawsuit argues, the policy does almost nothing to protect the city from terrorism.

    The ACLU also contends the measure allows the possibility of racial profiling, despite the requirement that officers must randomly screen passengers.

    “While concerns about terrorism of course justify – indeed, require – aggressive police tactics, those concerns cannot justify the Police Department’s unprecedented policy of subjecting millions of innocent people to suspicionless searches,” the suit states, according to Newsday.

    Notice the contradiction. On one hand, the ACLU complains that screening passengers on subways makes racial profiling possible. Then, changing directions so fast we all get whiplash, they complain that police shouldn’t be allowed to subject millions of innocent people to suspicionless searches. Which is it?!!!! The only way to prevent people from being subjected to “suspicionless” searches is to profile people and search only those who appear suspicious, in which case the ACLU will still file a lawsuit for racial profiling. What the ACLU is really saying here is, “we know you’re doing something wrong, and no matter what you do our professional extortionists are going to sue you.

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    4 Responses to “Congress asked to probe ACLU”

    1. Dr. Dan Says:

      American Communist Lawyers Assn. On the move again. I think that every one that looks middle eastern carrying a back-pack should be searched. Then deep six the aclu…………………..

    2. Ben Rast Says:


      I don’t know… the moment we start profiling the ones engaged in jihad, the secret army of Norwegian grandmothers will attack! :)

    3. LadyEowyn Says:


    4. sweidman_houston Says:

      Maybe this will slow them down a little bit. I do get weary of the persecution.
      God Bless All of You.