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    Christian in Iran faces execution for refusing to renounce his faith

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 4:06 pm

    A very dark period is dawning on this world. It’s nothing new for Christians to be murdered for their faith, especially in Islamic countries, but when do you remember a time when it was national news and no one cared. Iran openly admits they are going to behead a man for being Christian, yet the MSM pretends they are ignorant of the tragedy, while the rest of the civilized world sits by and waits. Some effort is being made on his behalf, sure, but nothing like you would see if it were a Muslim in the United States sentenced to death for being Muslim. I fear, just like Hitler’s campaign of mass murder, mankind will recognize the pure evil, and barbarism of Islam’s fascist leaders far too late to save the many lives that will be lost to this kind of insanity.

    While on the subject of Iran, does it bother anyone that Iran is also announcing the deployment of its navy to U.S. waters in response to our presence in waters close to Iran? Granted, their navy looks like toy boats compared to the full force of the United States Navy. However, it’s a giant step toward collaborating with Venezuela or Cuba to use an EMP, Dirty bomb, or, God forbid, a nuke on American soil. Obama is exactly the kind of President rouge dictators dream of. He’s far too busy bowing to Islamic leaders, and giving pep talks to the Muslim world to protect this country. I certainly hope Americans vote smart in the next election.

    Pray for Yousef Nadarkhani and make sure your churches and political leaders know about this tragic situation.

    CSW is urgently calling for action on behalf of Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani who faces execution anytime from Thursday onwards after refusing to renounce his faith.

    Pastor Nadarkhani is currently on trial in Rasht. He has appeared in court three times this week and each time has refused to renounce his faith when asked to do so by the court.

    More information

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    China shuts down rare earth metals trade

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 2:43 pm

    I’m so glad we’re in debt up to our eyeballs to a country like Communist China. If we hadn’t spent ourselves into oblivion, and then added to the fire with two years of Obama, we might be able to reason with the Chinese and prevent moves like this. When we’re paying ten dollars a light bulb, I wonder if the greenies will change their minds about having the government regulate our lighting? Probably not. They’ll just light candles and sing koombaya. Stock up folks. We squandered the easy life we had in America, sadly.

    In the name of fighting pollution, China has sent the price of compact fluorescent light bulbs soaring in the United States.

    By closing or nationalizing dozens of the producers of rare earth metals — which are used in energy-efficient bulbs and many other green-energy products — China is temporarily shutting down most of the industry and crimping the global supply of the vital resources.

    I think we can now count China out as a source of more money. We’ll be at QE15 before they wake up.