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    Greece is Imploding – Signs of the Times

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 2:58 pm

    If you don’t think the financial collapse of Greece affects the U.S. and the rest of Europe, you don’t understand how truly global our economies are. Greece can’t pay it’s bills. It’s not just a budget problem that can be fixed, they are defaulting on their loans. And, guess who holds those loans that aren’t being paid back – the U.S. and Europe among others. The Dow is going to take a huge hit according to economists and the Euro is going to be hit hard.

    In other signs of the times, a recent lunar eclipse turned the moon blood red. There will indeed be signs in the skies, the sun (a huge solar flare affected temperatures globally), and the stars.

    Luke 21:25
    “There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea.


    Pakistani Forces Arrest CIA Informants Who Led U.S. to Usama Bin Laden

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 3:42 am

    Can we stop calling Pakistan an ally now? I think it’s pretty obvious they were helping Usama hide in their country, but they will track down and arrest our covert CIA agents, as well as any Pakistani who helped the CIA track the animal down. Weren’t we told on a regular basis that Pakistan was doing wonderful things to help us round up and bring the terrorists and Taliban to justice? I wonder more every day whose side the man in the White House is on. One thing is certain – he’ll say anything to get reelected, especially if it makes Muslim countries look good, and the United States look bad.

    The Times said that at a closed briefing last week, members of the Senate Intelligence Committee asked Michael Morell, the deputy CIA director, to rate Pakistan’s cooperation with the United States on counterterrorism operations, on a scale of 1 to 10.

    “Three,” Morell replied, according to officials familiar with the exchange, the newspaper said.

    Now, suddenly, the Pakistani “help” in the war on terror is rated only a 3 out of 10. And, isn’t it interesting that the ISI could’t find Usama Bin Laden while he was living right next door to their headquarters, yet they can find a CIA safe-house immediately. This world is seriously screwed up.


    NY Rep. Weiner admits he sent lewd pix; won’t quit

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 8:33 pm

    If this had been a Republican, they would have spared us all the coverage and resigned immediately. Not because Conservatives are better people, but because they have higher standards and morals, and everyone knows it.

    If, like the Left, you barely have morals, and they can shift and change as needed, then the liberal would say you don’t have to answer for your “indiscretions”. You just have to make a statement and whine that people won’t leave you alone. Lying, sex addictions, internet porn, etc., are only a problem because the Religious Right doesn’t think we need perverts running our country, right? Blame the side that dared to expect something better out of the people who write our laws and spend our money.

    It may not pan out for the left this time, however. Of all the politicians in Washington, Weiner is probably the least likely to survive a scandal like this. Not because of his name, as some liberals will claim, but because he’s judged everyone on the right in the harshest terms for years, and is known for his self righteous judgement of those he doesn’t agree with politically. Before he criticized Glenn Beck’s ethics because of who advertizes on Fox, he should have made sure he wasn’t such a hypocrite.

    New York Democratic Rep. Anthony Weiner (WEE’-nuhr) says racy, shirtless pictures that appeared on a website are him and he’s apologizing for what he calls making terrible mistakes.

    During a teary-eyed press conference, he says he won’t resign.


    Super Bacteria hits U.S.

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 4:08 pm

    A new drug resistant super bug has hit the U.S., and is believed to have come from India. Everyone should read these articles and be aware of where the bug is being reported in the U.S.

    New Super Bug from Europe may have started in India

    Drug resistant super bug found in three U.S. States

    New “super bug” threatens Australian hospitals