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  • The Scriptorium


    Pakistan Militants Threaten To Kill Christian Rights Leader

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 4:46 pm

    Haven’t the liberal elites been telling us since 9/11 that Islam is a peaceful religion? Haven’t they also insisted this isn’t a religious war? I don’t think the Islamists got the message. I can’t imagine a worse time to have a president in office who can’t even use the word war, especially in the same sentence with the word terror.

    Sadly, I can’t imagine our weak president protecting Christians in the same way he’s coming to the rescue of the “rebels” (aka Jihadists who fought our soldiers in Iraq not that long ago) in Libya.

    I knew the prophetic clock was ticking loudly, I just didn’t expect things to happen this fast. His time is not our time, that’s for certain.

    I thought this paragraph from the article was particularly absurd, and somewhat amusing, if it weren’t so tragic.

    It was not immediately clear who was behind the threats. However suspected Islamic militants who killed Bhatti in Islamabad left leaflets at the scene saying terror group al-Qaida and the Pakistani Taliban Movement in Punjab province would kill all those openly opposing the legislation.

    The terrorists left leaflets, but it wasn’t immediately clear who was behind the threats. It must have been one of those radical Amish groups in the U.S. You know how the Amish are. They’re always blowing themselves up, and killing innocents in every country on the planet. For the kool aid drinkers, that last bit was sarcasm.



    West pounds Libya, Kadhafi vows retaliation

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 5:18 pm

    War, it seems, is okay, as long as a Democrat is in the White House. Where are all the moonbats with their “no war for oil” and “make love not war” signs? Perhaps they’re sitting this one out because they know the “rebels” we’re siding with were once in Iraq fighting our troops – siding with Saddam in that “unjust war”. Or, maybe they see the “rebels” worth defending because most of them have ties to Islamic militant groups. Code Pink must be ecstatic that what they started (in partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood) in Egypt, is spreading across the whole Middle East. Keep looking up, folks. Prophecy fulfillment is going to be moving faster than some might have thought, as we get closer to the tribulation.

    The US, Britain and France pounded Libya with air strikes and Tomahawk missiles on Saturday, sparking a furious response from Moamer Kadhafi who said the Mediterranean had now become a “battlefield.”

    Read more here


    Christians attacked by military in Egypt

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 12:01 pm

    I think most of us saw this coming. Just as Christians were attacked in Iraq when it was freed of Saddam’s iron-fisted rule, the Egyptian military is attacking and killing Coptic in Christians in Egypt following the overthrow of Egypt’s decades long leader. Muslims are never satisfied until they’ve killed all the Christians and Jews in site. Pray for all those who are fleeing for their lives in Egypt.

    Dozens of Christian demonstrators have been attacked by Egyptian Armed Forces despite agreeing to suspend a sit-in protest outside the state-run television building that lasted 9 days.

    The Coptic protesters came under fire on Monday, as the youth cleaned up the site and families from other provinces packed up their belongings, according to the Assyrian International News Agency.

    Dr Gameel Ebeid of the Coptic hospital in Cairo treated 15 victims of the assault, 14 of which suffered from broken feet and head wounds caused by electrified batons.

    “Suddenly at 3:45 AM they were attacked heavily by the army unit present at the TV building,” Dr Ebeid reported. “The youth started running and those who were caught were stripped of their mobile phones so as not to take photos, and their personal belongings were confiscated.”

    The army also attacked Father Filopareer Gamil, one of the leaders of the sit- in, but Coptic protesters shielded him with their bodies.

    Christianity Today