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    Creating jobs means sending them to China in Obama’s World

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 1:10 pm

    Listen for Obama, in his State of the Union Address, to tout progress made with the Chinese that will, supposedly, create more “green” jobs for Americans. Then, remember this example of what he really means.

    A “green” solar company that received $58 billion in stimulus funding was forced to closed it’s factory in MA, and moved 800 jobs to China in order to compete with an increasingly global market.



    (hat tip: LibFreeOrDie @ Free Republic)


    Obama makes 19 B Dollar deal with Hu, Boeing cuts 1,100 jobs

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 5:11 pm

    We keep hearing the Obama administration make the claim that they are working hard on the economy, and their number one priority is creating jobs. They must mean jobs for the Chinese, because Obama’s most recent gift to the Communist leader of China is a 29 Billion dollar deal for the purchase of 200, Boeing made, C-17′s. To the gullible masses and the Lame Stream Media, Obama promises this will create US jobs. If Obama is correct in promising American jobs, why, then, would Boeing, the makers of these C-17′s, announce one day later that they are eliminating over 1,000 jobs. Perhaps it has something to do with the fine print that the media, and politicians on the left conveniently keep under wraps.

    The indigenous innovation policy China adopted in 2009 limits Beijing’s purchase of foreign products to those designed in China. U.S. businesses see the policy as a ploy to force them to turn over their technology to China or be locked out of business with the government.

    The White House said Wednesday that China agreed that it would not make government procurement decisions based on where the intellectual property rights for goods or services are developed or maintained. Officials said China also agreed that it would not discriminate against innovative products made by foreign suppliers operating in China.

    Isn’t it those on the Left that are always whining about jobs being exported overseas? Where are they now? They are either blissfully uninformed, or hypocrites of the highest order.

    Sources: Here, and here (note: the second source is the AFP version which filtered out many of the facts American’s wouldn’t like.)


    Left blames Palin and Glenn Beck for Arizona shootings

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 9:29 pm

    Just as the Democrats did following the Oklahoma City bombing, when they portrayed Timothy McVeigh as just another member of the “radical Christian Right”, they are once again using a tragedy to demonize anyone who doesn’t fall in lock-step with their liberal/socialist views. They’ve gone so far, this time, as to accuse Sarah Palin of “allowing this kind of shooting to happen”. As evidence for this absurd accusation, they point to a campaign map where targets were placed at different locations across the country, indicating areas that the Tea Party needed to be more aggressive in their campaigning. What they neglected to report, however, is the nearly identical map created by the Democrats for similar purposes. More importantly, however, is the complete lack of common sense needed to make such a connection between a Conservative politician and the motives of a complete whack job – one whose U tube videos and My Space rants prove definitively that he’s about as far from agreeing politically with Sarah Palin, or any other conservative, as a person can get. Not to mention the obvious mental illness that anyone without an agenda would immediately pick up on.

    As the investigation of the shooter’s background has progressed, it’s become obvious that he was neither a Palin fan, nor a member of the Right Wing. In fact, Jared Loughner’s favorite writings consisted of the Communist Manifesto and Hitler’s Mein Kampf. He was also a member of a white supremacist group, and had a troubled past that many psychiatrists, interviewed by reporters in the wake of the tragedy, have agreed are a perfect example of mental illness, and even schizophrenic behavior.

    Furthermore, Loughner had been kicked out of college for his frequent outbursts during class lectures, and other equally disturbing behaviors. Several students went so far as to complain to the school administrators that they feared Loughner was the type of student who might one day come to class with an automatic weapon. Now, I ask you, how in the world could Palin or Beck share any responsibility for the final fulfillment of what so many of his past acquaintances had long predicted he was capable of doing. The answer is, they couldn’t have, but, like so many tragedies or crises in our country, Democrats will join in politicizing the event in order to silence their enemies (Obama’s description of those right of center, not mine), and make them out to be a bunch of crazies bent on violence. This baseless character assassination is in no way born of truth or evidence, yet you won’t hear any so-called journalists asking for evidence of this inherent violence that supposedly lies just beneath the surface of every Tea Party group, or member of the Conservative party in the country. A communist nut, who’s obsessed with conspiracy theories and thinks the government is engaged in widespread mind control, shot a member of Congress that Glenn Beck and many others have praised for her political courage, yet all we here from the MSM are theories on how talk radio, Conservative commentators, and the Tea Party are responsible for this poor soul’s deluded mind. Get me a bucket. I think I’m gonna throw up.

    click here to watch a video of CNN blaming Palin for the actions of a psychopathic killer. Is there anything that, for the Democrats, isn’t about either political gain, or a grab for greater power, and fewer rights for the American people?