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    Even Democrats Disturbed by Withdrawal Date

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 10:43 pm

    Wow! Even some Democrat Congress critters actually understand that announcing a time table for withdrawing our troops from Afghanistan is a bad idea. Apparently some of them are smart enough to know that the Taliban watches the news, too. I’m sure Achmed and his buddies did a happy dance around their internet feed when Obama announced in the same sentence, his plans to spend months positioning our troops in theater, only to turn around and spend months sending them home. He was even kind enough to give them an exact date for their departure. Even an illiterate, blood thirsty terrorist can figure out that hunkering down for a while might be a good move in that situation. Sadly, our hopey/changey Commander in Chief will probably be taken by surprise when we hand over the reigns to the Afghans on the way out the door, and the Taliban promptly comes out of hiding to kill anyone who fought along side the Americans for the last year. Democrats never learn, but I bet the people of Afghanistan have. Pray for our troops.

    A mixed message delivered by President Obama about America’s plans in Afghanistan have drawn a mixed reaction from members of the military who shortly may be on the ground receiving and giving orders to fight the Taliban.

    Obama’s address last night at the U.S. military academy at West Point outlined plans to place an additional 30,000 troops on the ground in Afghanistan, but he also announced a timetable for removing them.

    He now must sell the idea to Congress, which holds the purse strings.

    The plan immediately drew concerns from both Democrats and Republicans. Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said Obama’s “mixed signals” already have undermined the chances for success of any additional troop deployment.

    Even members of the president’s own party were concerned.

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    Obama Clan Dismisses Climategate Scandal

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 10:04 pm

    “We lied, manipulated the data, and then 86′ed the historical evidence before real scientists could expose us, but there’s a consensus, dang it! Our lies are real, and everyone knows it!!”

    The Obama administration is holding tight to their money-making pet climate theories, even though the evidence against “Gorebal” Warming is mounting. I guess we shouldn’t expect liberals to let pesky facts get in the way of their best chance of finally making us all equally poor.

    House Republicans pointed to controversial e-mails leaked from climate scientists and said it was evidence of corruption. Top administration scientists looking at the same thing found no such sign, saying it doesn’t change the fact that the world is warming.

    Never mind that said scientists flat out admitted they lied to cover up evidence that didn’t fit their global warming malarky. It’s just the rethuglicans that think the “controversial” e-mails are evidence of corruption. They’re just a bunch of flat-earthers, you know. And, that’s not snow! It’s dead polar bear fur!

    The e-mails from a British university’s climate center were obtained by computer hackers and posted online about two weeks ago. Climate change skeptics contend the messages reveal that researchers manipulated and suppressed data and stifled dissent, and conservative bloggers are dubbing it “Climategate.”

    Silly conservative bloggers. Don’t they know there’s a consensus and the science is already decided? If Columbus had been so dumb, he never would have turned back before he careened off the edge of the earth.

    Read the rest here, if you can stand the spin.

    When “oh hu!” doesn’t work, one can always shift the focus to the people who pulled back the curtain and caught you with your long johns down. It’s no big deal when someone hacks a Vice Presidential candidate’s personal e-mail during a campaign, but blowing the whistle on the biggest scandal of the century simply must be a crime worthy of investigating. It’s “e-mailgate”, not climategate, dontcha know.


    Tea-party explosion! March on White House Planned

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 9:44 pm

    I hope everyone will try to attend this second Tea Party march on Washington. It’ll be harder for the media to down-play if we add another million to the masses. How will Obama deny any knowledge of the millions gathering in Washington when it’s right outside his front door?

    After marching on Capitol Hill with little positive response from lawmakers, America’s tea-party movement is now putting President Obama himself on notice.

    The movement is regrouping, planning a march on the White House and premiering a new documentary tonight at the Ronald Reagan Center in Washington, D.C.

    FreedomWorks is partnering with the American Liberty Alliance and several other groups to launch a massive Tax Day tea party at the White House Ellipse on April 15, 2010.

    “We’re delivering this one right to the White House,” Adam Brandon of FreedomWorks said. “It could spill out over into the Washington Monument, so it’ll be a hell of a visual.”

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