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    Glen Beck – The New Whine House Boogie Man

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 10:33 pm

    As soon as President Obummer took office, he immediately began attacking Rush Limbaugh, as if Rush represented a larger threat to the nation than the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. Now the Whine House is all “wee weed up” over a new talk show host, and they’re stomping their feet, and whining again because one lone conservative among a sea of liberal boot lickers is actually asking tough questions and presenting unpleasant FACTS about Obama’s Czars, future civilian military, Obamacare, and a host of other programs that will be a disaster for this country if enacted. Glen Beck has been boldly giving his viewers the facts about the Obama administration, and his ratings are going through the roof. His show doesn’t even air during prime time, yet he’s already beat O’Reilly’s ratings more than once in the last week. The White House is understandably nervous about this breach of Obama’s previously unpenetrated journalistic wall of protection. How dare a journalist/talk show host ask actual questions and disagree with The One’s Marxist policies!!

    I don’t believe we’ve ever had a president with such thin skin in the White House. Such is the way of the Narcissist, I suppose. It’s unthinkable to them that anyone would disagree with them, be critical of them, or presume to know more than them about anything. They expect adulation, admiration, and awe in the face of their superior intellect and flawless character.

    When Obama was a part of the mob that constantly attacked and ridiculed every decision, speech given, or action taken by President Bush, did he think he was unfairly singling out the President? Did he think he was a part of a left wing conspiracy, and a danger to national security? I don’t think so. The hypocrisy and utter cowardice of the current administration and Congressional majority is disturbing to say the least. No wonder Obama is trying to pass legislation that would give him ‘emergency’ control of the internet, and is working feverishly to reestablish the fairness doctrine under the guise of diversity and localism.

    Read more about Beck’s bold fight to get the facts to the American people, and Obama’s embarrassing hissy fit over Beck’s popular show on Fox News here.


    Court orders Christian child into government education

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 6:24 am

    This article makes me so angry, I’m at a loss for words (I’ll likely find them, if I keep writing), other than to say, when did our country become Communist China? Next it will be considered child abuse to teach our children about the Bible. America desperately needs to fight back and use the remedies provided in the constitution for getting rid of anti-Christian, bigoted judges! Christians also need to get off their duffs and fight back against this kind of discrimination wherever it exists. It’ll be you and your your children next, so wake up, and speak up!

    A 10-year-old homeschool girl described as “well liked, social and interactive with her peers, academically promising and intellectually at or superior to grade level” has been told by a New Hampshire court official to attend a government
    school because she was too “vigorous” in defense of her Christian faith.

    The decision from Marital Master Michael Garner reasoned that the girl’s “vigorous defense of her religious beliefs to [her] counselor suggests strongly that she has not had the opportunity to seriously consider any other point of view.”

    The recommendation was approved by Judge Lucinda V. Sadler, but it is being challenged by attorneys with the Alliance Defense Fund, who said it was “a step too far” for any court.

    The ADF confirmed today it has filed motions with the court seeking reconsideration of the order and a stay of the decision sending the 10-year-old student in government-run schools in Meredith, N.H.

    The dispute arose as part of a modification of a parenting plan for the girl. The parents divorced in 1999 when she was a newborn, and the mother has homeschooled her daughter since first grade with texts that meet all state standards.

    In addition to homeschooling, the girl attends supplemental public school classes and has also been involved in a variety of extra-curricular sports activities, the ADF reported.

    But during the process of negotiating the terms of the plan, a guardian ad litem appointed to participate concluded the girl “appeared to reflect her mother’s rigidity on questions of faith” and that the girl’s interests “would be best served by exposure to a public school setting” and “different points of view at a time when she must begin to critically evaluate multiple systems of belief … in order to select, as a young adult, which of those systems will best suit her own needs.”

    According to court documents, the guardian ad litem earlier had told the mother, “If I want her in public school, she’ll be in public school.”

    The marital master hearing the case proposed the Christian girl be ordered into public school after considering “the impact of [her religious] beliefs on her interaction with others.”

    In other words, if the government wants your child to be an atheist, they’ll be an atheist. Unless Christians make sure the entire country knows we exist in the form of a MAJORITY, this will become the norm.
    Get out of your pews, send money to legal organizations that defend Christians, tell your friends and neighbors what’s really going on in our court rooms, and write or call your state and federal legislators when you see garbage like this. These are just a few of the things you can do. Christians also need to start running for public office, and stop letting liberals control our schools and local governments. Most importantly, know who you’re voting for. That includes judges.


    ACLU accuses woman of contempt for saying grace

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 7:58 pm

    The ACLU completely sickens me. They spy on teachers private lives and try to get them thrown in jail for saying grace at a private function off campus. What is wrong with the evil lawyers at the ACLU?!!!! Praying is not a crime in this country, and they need to step back, read the constitution and remember what country they are living in. They should all be locked up for their harassment and constant attacks on Christians who are exercising their first amendment rights. Thank God for Christian legal non-profit groups who will stand up to these bigoted, communist thugs.

    “The wheels
    came off the ACLU’s steamroller. While we are pleased with the ruling, we are saddened that a wonderful woman had to spend a day in court, with the ACLU’s crosshairs aimed at her back. Prayer is neither contemptuous nor criminal. It is outrageous that the ACLU sought civil contempt charges against an outstanding woman whose husband prayed a beautiful prayer at a privately sponsored event held off campus. The ACLU needs to take a good dose
    of the First Amendment and call us in the morning,” he said.

    The fight isn’t over, even though a judge ruled against them, and rightly upheld a private citizens right to bless their food before they eat it.

    The fight, however, remains far from over.

    Principal Frank Lay

    On Sept. 17, Liberty Counsel is scheduled to return to court to defend Principal Frank Lay and Robert Freeman, the athletic director, from charges of criminal contempt for praying over a meal at an event for private contributors to the school’s athletic program.

    Staver will defend Lay and Freeman. According to FoxNews.com both school officials are at risk of being given jail time and having their retirement savings
    revoked by the state.

    Accusations against the two stem from a blessing of a meal at a separate luncheon to honor private contributors to the athletic program, LC said.

    The war against the school employees erupted when the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the district and Rodgers issued a broadly worded injunction regarding prayer and religious activities at school.

    The event Winkler attended, and for which she was charged, was a privately funded event off campus after school hours to honor district workers. She was accompanied by her husband, who read a prayer blessing.

    Those great men who wrote our constitution are rolling over in their graves at what has become of a large portion of this country. We must fight this kind of discrimination and harassment everywhere it exists. And, the ACLU should be forced to pay the legal fees of every person they falsely accuse out of a disgusting hatred of anything related to Christianity. We still have freedom of religion and speech in this country, and the ACLU must be forced to accept that.

    Article Link


    Obamatrons asked to snitch on opponents of Obamacare

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 10:43 pm

    Is it the Kremlin or the White House? It’s hard to tell a difference these days. Now that Obama has his shadow government in place in the form of 40-some Czars that report directly to the President, and have more power than most cabinet level positions, he’s putting them to work against the American People. The Healthcare Czar is asking Obama’s minions to report to the White House any opposition to socializing healthcare that they see on the internet, in blogs, in e-mails forwarded to them, or even in casual conversation. Never in a million years would I have imagined that we would elect a President who would have his lackeys asking his supporters to spy and snitch on their fellow Americans for simply having political opinions that disagree with the administration. This call to action can be found on the White House website:

    There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can’t keep track of all of them here at the White House, we’re asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to flag@whitehouse.gov.

    I took Michelle Malkin’s suggestion and reported myself. I let them know that this is still America, despite their best efforts to turn it into Communist China, and I’ll say, think, and write what I want. I gave them my blog address, and asked them just what exactly they plan to do with those who are reported for thought crimes. Will we be sent to re-education camps, or just fall victim to Obama’s habit of threatening those who disagree with him? The time is rapidly approaching, I think, when we real Americans need to do more than just protest at Tea Parties. They obviously aren’t getting the message. Every single one of them needs to be fired in 2010 and 2012, but we also need to get a whole lot louder and harder to ignore before the elections.

    Just in case they scrub the site of this information when they start hearing from the public about it, here is a screen capture of the page on whitehouse.gov.

    Obama's highly paid Health Czar asks the Obama faithful to snitch on their neighbors, conservative bloggers, and people who exercise their free speech rights in public if they are caught criticizing Obamacare.  Welcome to the USSA!

    Obama’s highly paid Health Czar asks the Obama faithful to snitch on their neighbors, conservative bloggers, and people who exercise their free speech rights in public if they are caught criticizing Obamacare. Welcome to the USSA!


    Christians Burned Alive in Pakistan

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 6:10 pm

    A mob of angry Muslims, who were led to believe that a Koran had been desecrated by Pakistani Christians, went on a rampage today and burned down 40 Christian homes, burning several Christians alive. We all need to keep our Christian brothers and sister living in Arab countries in our prayers. While the world pretends that Islam is a religion of peace (“pieces” is more like it), Christians continue to die over stupidity like a rumor, which turned out to be a lie, that an unholy Koran had been somehow desecrated. As the son of Hamas’ founder, a converted Christian, once said, Islam is a plague and a sickness.

    Paramilitary troops patrolled the streets of a town in eastern Pakistan yesterday after Muslim radicals burned to death eight members of a Christian family, raising fears of violence spreading to other areas.

    Hundreds of armed supporters of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an outlawed Islamic militant group, burned dozens of Christian homes in Gojra over the weekend after allegations that a copy of the Koran had been defiled.

    The mob opened fire indiscriminately, threw gas bombs and looted houses as thousands of frightened Christians ran for safety. “They were shouting anti-Christian slogans and attacked our houses,” Rafiq Masih, a resident of the predominantly Christian colony, said. Residents said that police stood aside while the mob went on the rampage. “We kept begging for protection, but police did not take action,” Masih said.

    Police and local officials said that at least eight people, including four women and a child, were killed in the fires. Two others died of gunshot wounds. Residents said that the casualties were much higher; one claimed that the number of dead could be in the dozens as many bodies were still buried under the rubble. Shahbaz Bhatti, the Minister for Minorities, said that 40 Christian homes were torched in rioting. He said there was no truth to allegations that a Koran had been defiled, and accused the police of ignoring his appeal to provide protection to Christians.

    Tension started mounting last week after Muslims accused three Christian youths of burning a copy of the Koran. They denied the allegations, but clerics called for their death. On Saturday, hundreds of supporters of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, an outlawed Sunni sectarian group, poured into the town from surrounding districts. The group is believed to have close links with Al Qaeda and has been involved in several terrorist attacks targeting security forces in recent years.

    Television footage showed armed men running through the streets, gunfire, and women and children wailing. Blackened furniture lay outside burning homes, while a group of people rushed a man suffering from burns on a cart through the streets. Rehman Malik, the Interior Minister, said that the paramilitary troops were sent after police and the local administration failed to control the situation. Security forces were also placed on high alert to prevent violence from spreading to other towns of Punjab.

    Hillary heads to Kenya – interesting timing

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 5:32 pm

    For those of you keeping up on the controversy surrounding Obama’s Birth Certificate, Free Republic has a long discussion going on right now that contains some great investigative work and analysis. In addition to Orley Taitz release of an image purported to be a Kenyan Birth Certificate for Obama, Taitz is heading to the UK to authenticate the document, and at the same time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is headed to Kenya. I guess Rahm Emanuel’s Africa trip last December didn’t get the job done.

    For those of you who think the issue of Obama’s hidden past, and complete lack of transparency when it comes to records that are historically released by presidential candidates, and certainly in-coming presidents, things like this might make the matter seem a little more pressing. And this.