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    Seattle Tea Party at Westlake Center

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 6:03 pm

    Follow the link below to see pictures taken today at the Seattle Tea Party. It was a great rally! We need to have more of them all over the country, and keep protesting until they listen.

    Seattle Tea Party Pictures


    U.S. soldiers want to know – Is Obama legal?

    Filed under: — Ben Rast @ 10:05 pm

    President Obama could have long ago put to rest the concerns that he’s not legally allowed to be president of the United States by showing an actual, certified copy of his birth certificate. The “copy” he posted on his website was not authentic. Now, two soldiers are adding themselves to the list of plaintiffs demanding to know if Barack Hussein Obama is constitutionally allowed to be President. For all Americans this is an issue of great importance, but for those who wear the uniform of the armed forces, the ramifications are even greater. The President of the United States is also their Commander-in-Chief. At least two soldiers want to know if the orders given by Obama are actually lawful orders. Read more here.

    Tea Party USA – Feb 27, 2009

    Filed under: — Ben Rast @ 9:54 pm

    During the last eight years, liberals protested anything that moved, breathed, or displayed the American Flag. Conservatives have not been known for public protests and demonstrations…until recently. President Obama’s Porkulus bill stirred conservatives to demonstrate in Seattle, Denver, Mesa, and other places. If you are missed out on those and want to try your hand at sign-making and peaceful protesting, never fear. Friday (2/27) will see a new version of the Boston Tea Party held in cities throughout the U.S. Liberal protests tend to be well attended, as the protesters don’t need a good excuse to get out of Mom and Dad’s basement and get rowdy. After all, it’s not like they actually work for a living. So we need to put forth that extra effort. In Seattle, the Tea Party demonstration will largely be held during the lunch hour to accommodate those of us who otherwise have to keep the economy rolling. If you can get time out of work, so much the better. Make some creative signs, show up, enjoy fellowship with other conservatives, have some fun, and make sure this country knows that we’re not all sheeple willing to quietly let this administration lead us from recession into depression. We’re not willing to mortgage our future and our children’s future for a folly that will stimulate nothing but indebtedness and socialism. Hope to see y’all out there! For a list of Tea Parties around the U.S., click here.

    By the way, Birkenstocks are okay, but leave tie-dyed shirts to the libs. And the black bandanas? Those are for the anarchists, so don’t wear those either. Oh, and since liberal protests are usually marked with rampant obscenities and vandalism, let’s show that protests can be fun and relevant without being vulgar or illegal.

    Counselor suspended six weeks for letting kids overhear Christian music

    Filed under: — Ben Rast @ 9:29 pm

    This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen in quite some time. A group home counselor in Orange County, CA has been suspended for six weeks for – oh, the horror – allowing kids in her charge to overhear Christian music. This is just insane! The Pacific Justice Institute is representing the counselor and has the details:

    A lawsuit has been filed against Orange County by a veteran group home counselor who was suspended six weeks for exposing four teenagers to Christian music. The counselor is represented by affiliate and staff attorneys of Pacific Justice Institute.

    The lawsuit states that, in the summer of 2006, the counselor took four teenage girls from the Orangewood Children’s Home on an approved field trip to a 5K run and then to the beach. At the beach, the group encountered a “Surf Jam” taking place at the Huntington Beach pier. The group also overheard Christian music for about ten minutes while they were eating.

    Following the beach outing, the counselor, an eighteen-year employee, was summoned to a disciplinary meeting focusing on the Christian music. Several months later, the same incident was brought up again and the counselor was slapped with a six-week suspension for “exposing children to unapproved religious activities.”

    After many months of exhausting state administrative remedies, the counselor filed suit late last week in Orange County Superior Court to recover the financial losses she suffered from the suspension and to vindicate her constitutional rights. The counselor is represented by John and Laurie Messerly Stewart, attorneys in Orange, California, and the Pacific Justice Institute.


    Netanyahu: Right wing, led by Likud, won a clear victory

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 8:16 pm

    It looks highly Likely that Netanyahu will be the next Prime Minister of Israel, Evin though Livni’s Kadima party won one more seat in the elections. The right wing bloc won big overall, Labor is toast, and that means Netanyahu will be more likely to succeed at forming a unity government. This is the same way he won the last time he was Prime Minister. This is a good day for Israel, and bad news for Obama, who would have preferred to deal with the Labor party’s willingness to give away land to the Palis in exchange for more terrorism. It’s also a bad day for Hamas. Bibi becoming PM again is their worst nightmare. They know from past experience that when he says he will fight terrorism, he means it, and he isn’t going to hand them the West Bank and let them attack Israel from another side. He also won’t give the Golan up to Syria, as Livni supported doing. This would be especially dangerous, as Obama has lifted sanctions on Syria since taking office, and restored diplomatic relations with the terrorist supporting country. Israel definitely needs someone like Netanyahu with Liberals in America in power.

    Likud Chairman Benjamin Netanyahu declared victory in Tuesday’s parliamentary election as he addressed supporters in a speech early Wednesday, despite exit polls that predicted his party narrowly coming second to the ruling Kadima Party.

    However, the exit polls also indicate that Likud is in a better position than Kadima to lead a coalition because of a strong showing by other nationalist parties.

    “I’ve spoken to party leaders,” Netanyahu said, “and we have agreed to begin negotiations on forming a new government as soon as tomorrow.”

    “Even if exit polls are accurate, there is no doubt regarding the only conclusion they point to: the Israeli people have said their word in a clear fashion, the nationalist bloc, led by Likud, won a clear victory,” Netanyahu added.

    “The question is not what the polls say. The question is what the reality is. From this day on, the right wing bloc rises to an absolute majority in the Knesset,” the Likud chair went on to say.

    “There is no doubt regarding our own movement’s meteoric rise. In the last Knesset we had only 12 seats, 10% of the Knesset. We have more than doubled our power and grown more than any other party,” Netanyahu continued.

    “The rise of the right-wing camp and the Likud can only mean one thing, the people want change,” Netanyahu exclaimed. “The people want one path. Our path won and it will lead the people.”

    Likud members, meanwhile, were quick to stress that Kadima’s apparent win did not mean it would necessarily be chosen to form the next coalition.

    “I am certain that Netanyahu will be the next prime minister,” said Likud lawmaker Gilad Erdan. “Netanyahu has a clear advantage because the right wing parties have a larger bloc. The test is not which party gets the most votes, but which candidate has the best chance to form a coalition, and that person is Benjamin Netanyahu.”

    Netanyahu, meanwhile, phoned Yisrael Beiteinu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman just after the exit polls were released, apparently to discuss the future of the next coalition.

    Former minister Silvan Shalom, another member of Likud, said Kadima was “delusional” to declare such a quick win. A government led by Kadima Chairwoman Tzipi Livni was unrealistic, said Shalom, adding that Likud was the obvious choice for leading the next government.

    Public Security Minister Avi Dichter (Kadima) responded to Shalom by saying: “Tzipi Livni is the leader of the State of Israel from today until the next Knesset elections.”

    FYI: Livni has attempted to form a unity government once before and failed. With the polls showing strong support for the right wing bloc, she’ll have an even tougher time getting support now, even if she offers those parties the moon in return for switching sides. Anything is possible I suppose, but I’m praying Netanyahu can bring some sanity to Israel’s foreign policy, and thwart Obama’s plans for the region.