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    Democrats blasting Bush for staying fit

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 11:46 pm

    When it was announced yesterday that Bush is the most physically fit President in history, I knew the Democrats would be able to find some way to attack him for it. It seems absurd, but Liberals don’t necessarily need sane sounding arguments before they open their mouth. They’ll attack, go into hysterics, and spew bile, even if it makes them look like morons.

    So, you’re probably wondering how they managed to demonize Bush for being in shape. His education policy, believe it or not, can now be attacked. The Democrats reason that because Bush cut education, some schools have had to cut back on education programs. You know that means, right? I didn’t either. Think like a liberal for a second (I know it’s nauseating). In the liberal way of thinking, government must do everything for the people. Every problem must have a government program to fix it. Bush took a government program away, so now kids are helpless to do anything about getting physically fit. Everyone knows kids can’t exercise on their own, or have their PARENTS take care of their needs in that area. It’s the governments job to raise our children, indoctrinate them into the proper belief (evolution, homosexuality, etc.), and make sure they are healthy and getting enough physical exercise. The evil Bush has prevented the government from making sure our children get exercise!

    Give me a break!! I got more exercise outside of school when I was a kid than I ever did in school. I went running with my mom, I joined a community swim team and swam after school every day for years. I also played on a church softball team, and lifted weights at a local club my parents belonged too. I don’t need the government to regulate my eating habits, or my exercise routine, and neither do parents and their children. George Bush did not deny students in the United States the right to be as fit as he is. Okay, maybe the Liberals would need a goverment program, but the rest of us can figure it out just fine. The Democrats should really feel embarrassed on this one. But, they won’t.

    In the wake of President Bush’s latest physical exam declaring him “fit for duty” and in “superior” health for a man of his age, the Democratic Party is attacking Bush for his health-related policies.

    The Democratic National Committee claims cuts to education funding have forced schools to roll back physical education classes, and Bush’s efforts to undermine Title IX sports programs have threatened thousands of women’s college-sports programs.

    “President Bush has dropped the ball when it comes to fully funding physical education in public schools and women’s athletic programs at the college level,” said DNC spokesman Josh Earnest.

    “His personal habits indicate that physical fitness is not just fun and games for him. Don’t our kids deserve the same opportunities to be physically fit? President Bush should stop running from his responsibility and make sure that all American children have access to physical fitness programs.” . . . .

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