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    Photos: Northern weapons removed before U.S. arrival

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 10:43 pm

    Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s fedayeen removed weapons and ammunition from a storage facility in northern Iraq, similar to the al-Qaqaa facility at the center of current controversy, before the U.S. victory and prior to the arrival of the 101st Airborne Division to secure the area, according to photos obtained by WorldNetDaily from an Army intelligence source.

    Army sources say the removal operations by Saddam’s troops at the northern site were coordinated and likely systemic, and could indicate the southern al-Qaqaa facility was emptied at an earlier date as well, before U.S. troops arrived there.


    Kerry Stepson: Jewish Lobby Too Powerful

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 9:48 pm

    John Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz, complained at a recent campaign stop that Jews have too much influence on the U.S. presidential election. “One of the things I’ve noticed is the Israel lobby,” the ketchup heir said, in quotes picked up Sunday by the New York Post.

    Heinz complained that Israel was being treated as “the 51st state, sort of a swing state.”
    In more overheated rhetoric first reported by Philadelphia magazine, Heinz called Bush supporters “our enemies” and said that if he ran his stepfather’s campaign, the attacks on President Bush would get even uglier.

    “We didn’t start out with negative ads calling George Bush a cokehead,” Heinz reportedly explained before adding, “I’ll do it now.”

    Asked later about the comment, Heinz turned sarcastic, saying: “I have no evidence. He never sold me anything.”

    Kerry adviser raps Australian PM over pro-Bush comments

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 9:29 pm

    Remember when Kerry bragged that foreign leaders supported his candidacy? Remember his claims that he had spoken and met with foreign leaders and received their support? It seems Kerry is flip-flopping once again. John Kerry is now criticizing Australian Prime Minister John Howard for his “inappropriate” public comments wishing George Bush to get re-elected. Interesting how it has suddenly become inappropriate for foreign leaders to endorse a candidate. Of course, as has been the case through this entire election season, the media will give Kerry a pass.

    The main stream media has forever damaged their reputation in many homes in this country. No longer do they make any attempt to cover their extreme liberal bias. Case in point, NBC today provided the transcript for a recent interview with John Kerry during which Kerry mistakenly admitted that all of his military records had not been released. Guess what was edited out of the NBC transcript? You got it. Kerry’s misstep was taken out and he’s been given yet another pass. I pray that Americans will prove to the press that we still control elections in this country and their bias can not stop the will of the people.

    AP Article

    Final Gallup Poll

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 8:30 pm

    Gallup released it’s final poll for the Presidential race, and it is by far the most muddled and confused poll of all of those released today. The poll shows a virtual tie with Bush at 49 and Kerry at 47 (margin of error 2%). For this poll, Gallup divvied up the 2% undecided between the two candidates and came up with 49 Bush, 49 Kerry. Kerry got every one of the undecideds? Please! Then came the state by state Polls:

    • Florida: Kerry with 49%, Bush with 46%.

    • Ohio: Kerry 50%, Bush 46%.

    • Pennsylvania: Bush 50%, Kerry 46%.

    • Iowa: Bush 48%, Kerry 46%.

    • Minnesota: Kerry leading Bush, 52%-44%.

    • Wisconsin: Bush leading Kerry, 52%-44%.

    Bush has consistently led in Florida and lately by a significant margin. Kerry has led consistently in Pennsylvania, but by a much smaller margin. Ohio has been a tossup, and may wind up in Kerry’s column, although it’s highly unlikely. The fact that Bush is so far ahead in PA points to a seriously skewed poll. However, Even if this falls out exactly as shown, Bush wins the election. All he needs is one of the three big eastern states and a conversion of a significant Midwestern state.

    One thing we need to keep in mind when viewing these weekend polls, is that weekend polls always come out better for the Dems. Republicans are away from home more on weekends and less likely to answer their phones. If you look back through a history of polls, the only polls where Kerry pulled ahead were taken over a weekend. It’s likely that Gallup is throwing out a tie poll so that, when the election is over, they can claim they were right no matter what. Make sure you get out there and vote. A Kerry presidency would be the worst thing that could happen for Christians in this country.

    CBS has Bush up by Three

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 6:12 pm

    Bush is up by three in the notoriously left leaning CBS Poll. Of course the title of the article is indicative of the nauseating spin in the article – “Bush leads, Uncertainty reigns”. Coming from CBS, this can be interpreted as “Bush is leading, but we can’t just admit that”. If you don’t have a strong stomach, don’t read the article. The spin will make you dizzy.

    CBS News

    By the Numbers: More Black Voters Turning to Bush

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 4:24 pm

    Traditionally, African-American voters overwhelmingly support the Democratic party. And strong voter turnout by African-Americans is crucial to Sen. John Kerry’s goal of becoming the next president. But the country’s moral decline has more black Americans in George W. Bush’s corner than ever before. Winsome Sears is running for Congress in Virginia’s Third Congressional District, as a Republican. She is an African-American leader with a new message for the black community.

    Sears said, “You look at me and immediately you say, she’s a Democrat. I have no political power left, our forefathers did not die in the fields so that we could be beholden to a political party; they died so that we would be free — free to be whoever we wanted to be. Traditionally, we as black people have gone to the Democratic Party, but I think that we are now at a wake-up call, because the final straw was this homosexual marriage issue.”

    CBN News

    What’s the truth about Mahmoud Abbas?

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 4:03 pm

    Mahmoud Abbas stands to become the next leader of the Palestinian Authority.

    For Germany, the 1972 Munich Olympics were supposed to be “the Carefree Games.” There was to be no barbed wire, no Nazi spectacles, no storm troopers. Mimes and street bands wandered through the Olympic Village, while athletes and visitors chugged beer. The only guards, known as “Olys,” were armed with walkie-talkies and wore turquoise-colored blazers. The 1972 games were intended as a sybaritic festival of repudiation of the last Olympics held on German soil, the 1936 orgy of Nazi hate in Berlin. It was party time for the new Germany.

    But Mohammed Daoud Oudeh, more commonly known as Abu Daoud, had other plans. In the predawn light of Sept. 5, 1972, he helped the last of a dozen armed Palestinian terrorists scale the wall of the Olympic Village, just 12 miles from Dachau, and storm the compound where 11 Israeli athletes and trainers were sleeping. Within minutes, the Palestinians had shot two of the Israelis, and for 17 hours held the world on edge as they negotiated their own release with the German authorities.


    Africans: Pro-Gay U.S. Church Follows New Religion

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 3:00 pm

    African bishops representing a majority of the world’s Anglicans said on Friday North American sections that embrace homosexuality should be seen as following a different religion.

    The statement by top Anglican clerics at a landmark conference in Nigeria to determine their future marked a growing separation between conservatives and liberals in the 70-million strong church.

    The bishops told their North American counterparts to repent and ask for forgiveness for approving same-sex marriages and consecrating Gene Robinson, a divorced homosexual and father of two, as a bishop.

    Reuters Article

    Officials: Arafat Condition Is Improving

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 2:50 pm

    Yasser Arafat telephoned colleagues in the West Bank, read telegrams from well-wishing world leaders, ate cereal and sipped tea Sunday, his aides said — signs that the Palestinian leader’s health may be on the upswing following three days of urgent treatment for an undisclosed illness at a French military hospital. There was still no explanation for what caused the recent deterioration in his condition, although Palestinian officials say Arafat’s low blood platelet count is not due to leukemia.


    Why We Went to Iraq

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 1:19 pm

    If you know anyone who thinks there was no reason to go into Iraq, show them this picture. If we hadn’t gone into Iraq, Sadam would be sitting in this throne.

    Sadam's empty throne

    Kerry ‘Outraged’ Over bin Laden Tape Impact

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 1:15 pm

    Faced with a new Bin Laden tape possibly helping Bush, Kerry complained to ABC news that UBL should not be made a political tool in our elections. What Kerry has forgotten is that minutes after Al-Jazeera aired the terror tape, Kerry himself politicized the news, saying that bin Laden’s continued survival was the result of Bush “outsourcing” the hunt for the terror chief in December 2001.


    Annan, ElBaradei Plan to Ambush Bush

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 1:11 pm

    Is it any coincidence that Mohamed ElBaradei is set to address the U.N. on Monday – the day before the U.S. election? Probably not. For some time, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan has been seething over the Bush administration’s decision to go to war with Iraq – despite the fact that Saddam Hussein flouted U.N. resolutions for over a decade.

    On Monday, ElBaradei, who heads the U.N.’s nuclear weapons control agency, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), will be given the forum of the U.N.’s General Assembly to present his annual report. No doubt he will reinforce claims that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction program.



    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 12:57 pm

    How many of you out there knew that only a small portion of the UBL tape was released. Al Jazera, in the interest of trying to get Kerry elected, withheld the parts of the tape that would have helped GW Bush. While the MSM is praising UBL as looking rather statesmanlike, the missing pieces of the tape reveal a man who sees his terror network being dismantled. It’s understandable that a liberal media wouldn’t want to air a defeated UBL bemoaning the recent democratic elections in Afghanistan and the lack of violence involved with it. They would never be able to call the terror leader statesmanlike if they revealed a portion of tape which shows UBL complaining that the terror organization has been hurt by the U.S. military’s unrelenting manhunt for him and his cohorts on the Afghan-Pakistani border. The liberal media knows that the full transcript of UBL’s tape would hand the election to W, so they will do their part to get Kerry elected, and withhold this information from the American public.

    New York Post

    Iran Parliament OKs Nuke Enrichment Bill

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 12:43 pm

    To shouts of “Death to America,” Iran’s parliament unanimously approved the outline of a bill Sunday that would require the government to resume uranium enrichment, legislation likely to deepen an international dispute over Iran’s nuclear activities. Still, Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Hossein Mousavian told The Associated Press there was a 50 percent chance of a nuclear compromise with European nations.

    AP Article

    Voting your conscience this November

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 12:40 pm

    Many Christians, conservatives, Republicans, libertarians, constitutionalists, patriotic independents and other traditionalists are grappling mightily with how to vote in the upcoming election.

    Some regard George W. Bush and John F. Kerry as equally unacceptable choices. They see the two major political parties as so close – “not a dime’s worth of difference” as George Wallace used to say – as to make a third-party choice the only valid one. After all, they say, “Voting for the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil.”

    Others plead that the “lesser of two evils” is also by definition the greater good, and that no matter what the mistakes and imperfections of George W. Bush and his administration, it’s light years better than the wholesale betrayal America would experience during a Kerry administration.


    Arafat said to have lost mental capacity

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 12:24 pm

    Senior Palestinian Authority sources say Chairman Yasser Arafat has lost some of his mental capacities and cannot function. Some doubt that he will be capable of resuming his position as PA leader, even if his health recovers to some extent. In Paris, where Arafat is hospitalized, Palestinian sources said initial tests on the 75 year old leader ruled out leukemia, but his condition remains serious. The Palestinian envoy to Paris, Leila Shahid, said specialists were still looking for the cause of the dramatic collapse of the Palestinian leader’s health.



    Kerry’s non-honorable discharge

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 11:18 pm

    There is overwhelming evidence that the Navy gave John Kerry either a dishonorable discharge or an undesirable discharge – which is the equivalent of a dishonorable discharge without the felony conviction – and that, as a result of such discharge, he was stripped of all of his famous but questionable Navy awards and medals. And the kicker? The evidence is on his website!

    Kerry’s oh-so-clever handlers evidently depended on the ignorance of the public and the press about military records when they posted his 1978 “Honorable Discharge from the Reserves” on his site as part of a carefully selected partial release of his Navy records (the Navy says it is still withholding about 100 records). However, one diligent researcher, Thomas Lipscomb, saw through the scam and exposed it in a New York Sun story on October 13. Predictably, the major media has shunned the story.


    Double Voting Possible in Ohio, Florida

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 11:00 pm

    Thousands of people who are registered voters in Ohio and Florida possibly could vote twice in the presidential election through use of absentee ballots, The Plain Dealer reported Sunday. An investigation of voter rolls in the two key battleground states found that some double voting has occurred previously and could go undetected Tuesday, the newspaper said.

    AP Article

    Holylands would have a bleak future under Kerry

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 9:58 pm

    At a White House press conference in April, President George W. Bush stood beside Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and reiterated his administration’s commitment to the inhabitants of the Middle East. He stated, “The United States is strongly committed, and I am strongly committed, to the security of Israel as a vibrant Jewish state. I reiterate our steadfast commitment to Israel’s security and to preserving and strengthening Israel’s self-defense capability, including its right to defend itself against terror.”

    One manifestation of Sen. Kerry’s Middle East policy is his choice of adviser for Israeli affairs, Jay Footlik. A Clinton leftover and longtime supporter of the Oslo accords that led to the last four years of intifada, Footlik is an advocate of the so-called “peace processes” that have become a code phrase for unilateral Israeli concessions. Another principle he champions is “evenhandedness” – that’s when the suicide bomber and his victims are assured the same measure of understanding and sympathy.


    Rare infection may be risk to gay men in US

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 9:50 pm

    If homosexuality is completely natural, as the left would have us believe, why does it cause AIDS and diseases like this one? Liberals are able to deduce from medical studies that smoking is bad for your health, but easily ignore the fact that being gay is just as risky.

    A rare sexually transmitted disease that is spreading among gay and bisexual men in Europe could be poised to surface in the United States, the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention said on Thursday.

    The CDC, a federal agency that monitors epidemics and other health threats, urged doctors and clinics across the nation to be prepared to diagnose and treat gay and bisexual men infected with Lymphogranuloma venereum (LGV).


    Sinclair stations to air swiftvet special

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 9:27 pm

    A 30-minute television special featuring Swift Boat Veterans and POWs for Truth, the group challenging Sen. John Kerry’s version of his war record and his anti-war activities, is airing in 16 markets in eight battleground states, according to a non-profit Florida group buying the broadcast time.


    Iraqis Want Bush to Win

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 5:25 pm

    We know what John Kerry thinks of Iraq. But what does Iraq think of him? Since he may soon be presiding over a war there, the question merits an answer. Yet, while the press has devoted page after page to the electoral preferences of the French, the opinions of those who count most overseas have received nary a mention.

    Partly this derives from the simple fact that, as polls show, the overwhelming majority of Iraqis don’t care who wins our election. Their concerns run closer to home–especially how to stay alive. There’s an exception, however: the thousands of academics, lawyers, rights advocates and other educated elites leading the effort to create a new Iraq–nearly all of whom have hitched their fortunes to our own and nearly all of whom hope that President Bush wins.

    Opinion Journal

    Pakistan ‘gives Al-Qaeda Refuge’

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 5:14 pm

    OSAMA BIN LADEN is being given safe haven with the help of Pakistani officials, British security sources believe. Recent intelligence reports coming from remote tribal areas of Pakistan have indicated the Al-Qaeda leader is being given refuge by senior figures in the regional government.

    America has given Pakistan tens of millions of dollars since the start of the war on terrorism and the hunt for Bin Laden. There is growing impatience in Washington at the failure of the military to capture him.

    Times Online – Sunday Times

    Jockeying begins over Arafat succession

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 5:00 pm

    In the half-light of a West Bank dawn yesterday, cliques among the Palestinian hierarchy were manoeuvring to fill the void left by Mr Yasser Arafat, even before his helicopter carrying him to Paris had left the ground.
    Some apparently powerful figures were virtually ignored as they kicked the ground and waited to say their farewells. Others, simply by the enthusiasm with which some rushed to shake their hands, were plainly the people to meet.

    The Statesman

    Air Force Major Was at Tora Bora: Contradicts Kerry

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 3:18 pm

    What follows is a letter received by David Limbaugh from an Air Force major who was actually at Tora Bora. He is not too thrilled with Kerry’s reckless charges against the military, military leadership, and the Bush administration.


    During the debates Senator Kerry and Senator Edwards made the claim that America’s best was not at Torra Borra in Afghanistan during Enduring Freedom. I just wanted to set the record straight; this is not at all accurate. I was there. So were my squadron mates, friends and the many other strike aircraft that pounded Tora Bora during the battle. When Sen. Kerry says America’s best was not used he insults me and all the others who personally worked to put an end to Osama and his band of thugs. I know the best was there because I am the best. I fly America’s heavy bomber, the B-52. We are called upon when the country is serous about winning. We have protected the country for the past fifty years. We were the ones who stood against the Soviet aggression of the cold war. We stood ready during the Cuban missile crisis, and gave Chairman Khrushchev pause to think about challenging the U.S. in an all out nuclear war. We were there in the skies over Hanoi forcing North Vietnam to surrender when our politicians decided it was time to end the Vietnam War and bring our POWs home with dignity. We were there flying south of the DMZ in Korea when Kim IL Sung challenged President Carter over the removal of a tree that cost us two American heroes. We were the force who provided the steel in President Reagan’s resolve to end the cold war. We were in the skies of Iraq and Kuwait during Desert Storm as President Bush stopped the aggression of Saddam Hussein. We were called to deliver the knock out blow to Slobadon’s Army of thugs in Yugoslavia and we were first to respond to the tragedy of 9-11. Most recently we provided the Shock and Awe of Iraqi freedom and now we stand ready in the Pacific to hold the Chinese and North Koreans responsible as we realign our troops to meet the new challenges of a new century. Our credential are infallible. If there was a better force on the planet to have ended Osama at Torra Borra I challenge anyone to name it.

    Yours truly,

    Maj Name Withheld

    P.S. No Army of any kind would have been able to attack Tora Bora from the ground. This mountain range is the southern boundary of the Kiber Pass. The Safed Koh mountain range is close to 16 thousand feet in height. It is one of the most rugged mountains in the world. Osama had years to build caves and fortresses to challenge any force foolish enough to try to take it by frontal attack. No helicopter can operate up there and no armored vehicle could climb its face. (Attached are pictures taken during the battle of Tora Bora). The only smart way to destroy the caves and fortresses was by air power. There were U.S. ground forces on the ground. Special Forces directed every weapon that hit the mountain from the ground in the vicinity of Osama and his thugs. I know. I talked to them on my radio as they climbed the mountain … as we flew above.

    Labor Memo Suggests Bush to Win Election

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 3:10 pm

    Labor Department staff, analyzing statistics from private economists, report in an internal memo that President Bush is likely to do “much better” in Tuesday’s election than the polls are predicting.

    The Kerry campaign said the analysis was an improper use of taxpayer money, and the Labor Department acknowledged Friday, “Clearly, this kind of armchair political analysis doesn’t belong in government memos, even if they are entirely internal.”

    My Way News

    RealClear Politics – Polls

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 2:13 pm

    FOX News (1200 LV) 10/28 – 10/29: 47% 45% 1% – Bush +2
    Newsweek (882 LV) 10/27 – 10/29: 50% 44% 1% – Bush +6
    Reuters/Zogby (1203 LV) 10/27 – 10/29: 46% 47% 2% – Kerry +1
    ABC/Wash Post (2047 LV)* 10/26 – 10/29: 49% 48% 0% – Bush +1
    TIPP (792 LV) 10/26 – 10/29: 46% 44% 2% – Bush +2
    GW/Battleground (1000 LV) 10/25 – 10/28: 51% 46% 0% – Bush +5

    RealClear Politics – Polls

    Online Decmocrats express solidarity with bin Laden comments on tape; Urge disengagement from Israel

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 2:07 pm

    Reaction from leftist websites to bin Laden’s new tape were a mixture of sympathy for bin Laden and anger towards President Bush.
    Some online Democrats conceded they were in full agreement with bin Laden’s statements in the videotape against President Bush. Here is a sampling:

    Free Republic


    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 2:00 pm

    Former CBSNEWS anchorman Walter Cronkite believes Bush adviser Karl Rove is possibly behind the new Bin Laden tape.

    Cronkite made the startling comments late Friday during an interview on CNN.

    Cronkite said he is “inclined to think that Karl Rove, the political manager at the White House, who is a very clever man, he probably set up bin Laden to this thing.”

    Interviewer Larry King did not ask Cronkite to elaborate on the provocative election eve accusation.



    Colo. teacher kicks student for wearing GOP shirt off campus

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 1:57 pm

    A part-time college instructor has apologized for kicking a student because he was wearing a Republican shirt.

    Fort Lewis College student Mark O’Donnell said he was showing people his College Republicans sweat shirt, which said “Work for us now … or work for us later,” when Maria Spero kicked him in the leg at an off-campus restaurant.


    9/11 Impact Keeps NJ in Play for Bush

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 1:53 pm

    New Jersey four years ago dealt then-presidential candidate George W. Bush one of his worst state-level defeats. Bush knew he never had a chance in New Jersey so he decided not to campaign in the Garden State and lost by 16 points to Democrat Al Gore.

    Fast-forward to 2004, to a time and place in which residents are unmistakably and dramatically affected by the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

    Hundreds of New Jersey men and women — accountants, police officers, stock traders, and others left for work on a beautiful sunny day and never came home from their jobs after two hijacked airliners slammed into the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers, and another hijacked airplane left Newark International Airport, destined to slam into a Pennsylvania field killing all onboard.


    ACLU Unhappy With Virginia’s Halloween Roundup

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 1:30 pm

    Virginia is making child molesters and other sex criminals report to their probation offices for three hours Sunday night to protect trick-or-treaters. And the group that calls itself American Civil Liberties Union is, of course, in a snit. In ACLU’s fantasy world it’s not the child molesters who are unsavory but rather the legal attempts to keep youngsters from being molested. Got it.

    Bin Laden Adopts Democrat Talking Points

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 1:27 pm

    In a remarkable geopolitical meeting of minds, the pre-election address of top global terrorist Osama bin Laden shows he has adopted many of the Democratic Party’s talking points.

    Transcripts of the address released late Friday reveal such stunning similarities that it’s obvious bin Laden has been following the U.S. presidential race very closely – and he agrees on issue after issue with domestic critics of the Bush administration.

    NewsMax.com: Inside Cover Story

    Newsweek Poll: Bush Leads by 6 Points

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 1:25 pm

    With three days to go until the election, the Bush-Cheney ticket is gaining ground against the Kerry-Edwards ticket among likely voters in a three-way and two-way trial heat, according to the latest Newsweek Poll, taken over three days (Oct. 27-29). In a three-way trial heat among likely voters, Bush-Cheney led Kerry-Edwards 50 percent to 44 percent, with Nader-Camejo at 1 percent. That’s still a statistical dead heat and within the poll’s margin of error.


    Feds Decide Against Raising Terror Alert

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 1:21 pm

    U.S. officials decided against raising the nation’s terror alert after two tapes surfaced this week, one from Usama bin Laden and the other from a man who identified himself as “Azzam the American.” Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge said Saturday afternoon that after reviewing the situation, officials decided that an increased threat level was not needed. “The tapes are new, the threat is not,” Ridge said.


    Dog Calls 911, Opens Door for Police

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 12:26 pm

    Faith the service dog phoned 911 when her owner fell out of her wheelchair and barked urgently into the receiver until a dispatcher sent help. Then the 4-year-old Rottweiler unlocked the front door so the responding police officer could come in. “I sensed there was a problem on the other end of the 911 call,” said dispatcher Jenny Buchanan, who answered the call from Faith. “The dog was too persistent in barking directly into the phone receiver,” Buchanan said at Benton County’s Southeast Communications Center. “I knew she was trying to tell me something.”


    U.N.’s proliferation failures alarm U.S.

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 12:24 pm

    The Bush administration is growing increasingly concerned about the failure of the international community to reach agreement on arms control and the elimination of weapons of mass destruction, reports Geostrategy-Direct. the global intelligence news service.

    Officials said the U.N. has failed to achieve progress in negotiating international arms control and disarmament agreements — in both conventional and nonconventional weapons — over the past two years.


    Kerry dubbed ‘opportunist fool’

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 12:20 pm

    Dr. Jack Wheeler, whose death-defying adventures span the globe and whose achievements have inspired wide-ranging acclaim, is one geopolitical expert who doesn’t mince words. Wheeler’s latest arrows are aimed at those he calls the “anti-Bush lefties” who populate the CIA. Referring to the people known as “Rogue Weasels” at Langley, CIA headquarters, Wheeler writes about the recent story of missing high-explosives in Iraq: “They cooked up this entire phony ‘tons of missing explosives’ scandal, sweet-talked the head of the U.N.’s nuclear inspection agency, Mohammed ElBaradei, to carry their water and leak it to CBS – which drooled at the opportunity to spring the story on election eve,” Wheeler writes on his unique intelligence website, To the Point. “They then briefed Kerry and prepared his instant assault on Bush once the surprise broke.”


    Porn Industry Fears Bush Victory on Tuesday

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 12:17 pm

    While it may not a clear endorsement of John Kerry, elements of the porn industry are voicing their concern over the possibility of another four years with George Bush in the Oval Office.

    It has become painfully clear to adult industry publisher Dave Manack that if George W. Bush is re-elected next Tuesday, it would not be good for the pornography industry across America. “It’s not to say our industry loves John Kerry or anything like that,” the publisher of E.D. Publications told the Chicago Sun-Times, “but George Bush, if he’s re-elected, it would be very damaging to our industry.”

    News from Agape Press

    Stars shine on Kerry: astrologers (October 29, 2004)

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 12:11 pm

    INDIAN astrologers say that the planets favour Democratic candidate John Kerry to win the White House race over US President George W. Bush in next Tuesday’s polls. So let’s take a look at who is backing Kerry. UBL recently came out backing Kerry, the porn industry is backing a Kerry presidency, and now astrologers are rooting for Kerry. Oh, and let’s not forget Hollywood, a picture of morality. Or, we can vote in a fellow believer who prays to the one true God daily.