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    Obama does nothing to stop slaughter of Assyrian Christians

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 6:07 pm

    Obama gets upset about a cartoon of his prophet Mohamed, but another holocaust against Christians in the Middle East doesn’t even make his radar. He’s more concerned with getting voters to cross the Mexican border and too concerned with his ego and legacy to care about children being crucified, and Christians being murdered in mass. We don’t have a President. We have a dictator with no conscience. It doesn’t make me feel very safe, because he probably cares even less about the safety of the American people.

    1. Col. Sangari, summarize the situation of the Assyrian Christians on the Nineveh Plains.

    The Assyrian Christian communities on the Nineveh Plains in Iraq, and also in northern Syria in the Khabur River Valley, are facing annhilation by the forces of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). According to UN sources an estimated 660,0000 Assyrians have been driven from their homes by ISIL forces and are now living as refugees in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and even Iran.

    2. Which forces in Iraq are currently fighting ISIS and are they working together?

    Since August of 2014 Assyrian military forces have been fighting in Syria and Iraq under Assyrian command and control and the Assyrian flag. These forces have achieved unity of command and unity of effort, and are recognized by coalition forces as vital partners in the fight against ISIS/ISIL aggression. In October, and because of the demonstrated combat effectiveness of Assyrian forces, Sunni, Kurdish, and Shia forces began recruiting Assyrians into their ranks using the political networks they had previously embedded in the Assyrian communities. This move siphoned off troops and money from Assyrian forces, causing a reduction in their combat capabilities that contributed to the loss of 37 communities to ISIL in the Khabur River Valley. If this trend of Assyrian volunteers being sent to fight with other non-Assyrian groups is not halted, the result will be the complete destruction of the Assyrian Army and the subjugation of Assyrians in their own homeland under Kurdish, Sunni, and Shia military leadership and civilian administration.

    3. In your recent media appearances you´ve spoken about a double standard being used by the US government with respect to the Assyrian Christians–why is this true?



    Obama: Maybe it’s time for mandatory voting

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 7:25 am

    Obama wants to make voting mandatory. What’s next will someone from the DNC fill out the ballot for us too. His excuse is that other countries do it and it would keep the billionaires from having too much influence. Is it easier to vote when you’re a billionaire or something? Voting has nothing to do with campaign contributions, just ask Hillary, she’s an expert on billionaires.

    The president whose major policy achievement is mandatory health insurance thinks maybe voting should be mandatory, too.

    Asked how to offset the influence of big money in politics, President Barack Obama suggested it’s time to make voting a requirement.

    “Other countries have mandatory voting,” Obama said Wednesday in Cleveland, where he spoke about the importance of middle class economics, and was asked about the issue during a town hall.

    “It would be transformative if everybody voted — that would counteract money more than anything,” he said, adding it was the first time he had shared the idea publicly.

    The clout of millionaires and billionaires in campaign funding has been enormous, and many claim the uber wealthy have undue leverage in politics.

    “The people who tend not to vote are young, they’re lower income, they’re skewed more heavily towards immigrant groups and minority groups,” Obama said. “There’s a reason why some folks try to keep them away from the polls.”

    Voting is a right, not to be mandated. All this would do is get more uninformed, clueless people to vote. If you don’t give a crap about your country enough to vote, you don’t deserve to have a voice in the matter, and it’s not up to Obama to force them to care.



    Bill Maher Turns On Obamacare? ‘It’s More Expensive, Too Confusing’

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 3:47 am

    This is exactly what the Obama administration wanted liberals to do. The plan all along was for Obamacare to eventually fail, then when the Republicans have no plan to replace it, they can move on to Single Payer. Single Payer was always the goal.

    Liberal comedian Bill Maher, a longtime champion of Obamacare, began to change his tune on President Obama’s signature legislation Friday night.

    “Obamacare: You know it’s the signature achievement of obviously this president and like many liberals I’ve been screaming how great it has been and ‘it’s working’ and ‘there’s no doubt,’” Maher said on his HBO show “Real Time.”

    “But The New York Times on Sunday did an article that basically said, you know, when Obama said if you like your plan nothing will change — well, everything has changed,” Maher said. “46 percent of people are having trouble paying health care costs now, up 10 percent from a year ago because the deductibles went the up, the co-pays went up. They can’t see the doctor they used to see because he’s in a different network. They go to get questions answered and they’re talking to somebody reading a script in the Philippines. It’s like your prostate cancer is being handled by Comcast now.”

    Article Link


    Florida Student Told No ‘God Bless America’ In Morning Announcements

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 11:19 am

    Why is it that Humanists and Atheists think freedom of speech applies only to them? Are they going to go after our Marxist President for saying “God bless America” next. The First Amendment doesn’t end when the word God is used. The Humanist group that’s going after a high school kid for saying God Bless America has too much time on their hands. I get so sick of these groups who say freedom of speech out of one side of their face and then want to censor people out of the other. We all have equal rights under the law, so they should crawl back under the Godless rock from whence they came.

    Florida Student Told No ‘God Bless America’ In Morning Announcements By Letitia Stein

    TAMPA, Fla. (Reuters) – A Florida high school told a student this week to stop adding the phrase “God bless America” when reading scripted morning announcements, drawing protests and irate phone calls from around the nation, school officials said on Friday.

    The principal at Yulee High School, located in north Florida near Jacksonville, asked the student to stick to the script after receiving a six-page letter on Monday from the American Humanist Association, a group that describes itself as advocating for humanists, atheists and secular governance.

    The letter said two Yulee students who are atheists had complained about the use over the past several weeks of the phrase.

    “Don’t ad-lib. Just read what’s on the script, and don’t put anything else on it,” was the message given to the student announcer, said Sharyl Wood, a spokeswoman for the school district in Nassau County, just north of Jacksonville.

    Article Link


    MSNBC’s O’Donnell: Catholicism Was Once ‘The Most Murderous Force on the Face of the Earth’

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 3:40 pm

    Someone needs a history lesson very badly. The Crusades were launched by Christians as a defensive measure against the same kind of radical, murdering, barbaric Islamists we’re fighting today. If not for the Catholic Church, Christendom would have been wiped off the map and Europe and the Middle East would look very different today.

    Muhammad’s animals haven’t changed a bit in centuries. They still take over land and murder it’s inhabitants in their lust to spread Islam across the entire globe. Today isn’t really that different from the days of the Crusades in some ways. We just have jets and heavy weapons. But, we’re still fighting the same evil that Muhammad unleashed hundreds of years ago.

    MSNBC’s resident socialist Lawrence O’Donnell made a whopper of a historical claim on the Thursday edition of his program. In the midst of ripping President Obama’s controversial National Prayer Breakfast speech from earlier in the day, O’Donnell asserted that “Catholicism was the most murderous force on the face of the Earth for hundreds of years,” as he ripped President Obama’s controversial National Prayer Breakfast speech from earlier in the day.

    The left-wing host led the segment by mocking the breakfast as “the place where presidents go to pander to leaders of organized religions once a year.” He continued by slamming the Democrat’s address:

    LAWRENCE O’DONNELL: If you ever want to search for the worst speeches given by a modern president, begin with the National Prayer Breakfast – the first of which was attended by President Eisenhower in 1953. President Obama, who is the most gifted writer and speaker in the history of the American presidency, today delivered the worst speech of his presidency. It was full of hollow pandering from start to finish, as politicians’ speeches to religious groups always are.

    The only pandering Obama did was to ISIS. They’ve long called us the crusaders, and Obama just handed them some juicy propaganda material by agreeing with them.

    Article Link


    Jordanian King may PERSONALLY Fly Air Strikes Against ISIS

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 5:03 pm

    At least someone in this war has a pair. Can you imagine our president even knowing how to shoot a gun. I think a lot of Obama’s indecision and cluelessness is really just weak kneed fear. He knows he’s not qualified to run a war, especially against his own people.

    If anybody has any doubt about the Jordanian King being serious in delivering an “earth-shattering” response against ISIS, wonder no more.

    Several Arabic newspapers have just reported that King Abdullah, who is a trained military pilot, may actually climb into the cockpit personally on Thursday to participate in the raids against ISIS. SNIP

    California Rep. Duncan Hunter publicly stated, “King Abdullah is not President Obama.” I can’t think of a truer statement!

    Article Link

    Jordan planes strike Islamic State after pilot murder

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 4:06 pm

    The tiny country of Jordan, with a small but efficient military is taking the lead in the war on ISIL, while Obama sits back and pretends nothing is happening, and refuses to provide military aid to Jordan. Children are being killed in mass murders, they’re being crucified and buried alive by the Isis’ barbaric animals. This is the beginning of world war III and we have a president that wants to talk about the crusades and the Inquisition, as if something that happened hundreds of years ago excuses what Islamic extremists are doing in the Middle East right now. Two more years of this man as out President could have very dire consequences for us and the whole world. The American people don’t trust Obama to protect them, and our allies don’t trust him to be there for them if they fight against this scourge. That leaves ISIL to run wild and murder their own people in mass. We’re fooling ourselves if we thing we’re not going to get hit next. I think most Americans know this fact. Perhaps that will be the one thing that will push Obama to do something besides golf and go on vacations.

    Jordan said Thursday it had launched air strikes against the Islamic State group, after vowing a harsh response to the burning alive of one of its fighter pilots.

    “The Jordanian air force launched raids against positions of the Islamic State group,” said a government official, who did not want to be named.

    Meanwhile the gruesome death of Moaz al-Kasasbeh drew a torrent of condemnation across the world.

    Hashtags to express grief over Kasasbeh’s death have taken over Twitter only hours after the news broke out on Tuesday, Al Arabiya News reported Wednesday.

    Article link


    Poll: Americans Support Netanyahu Speaking To Congress

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 5:59 pm

    It’s good to know that the American people aren’t the anti-Semites that out president and representatives are. But it’s sickening that our Democrat Congressman are planning not to show up for Netanyahu’s visit. Could they be any more slimy and out of touch with the American people, not that they really represent us on much of anything.

    A newly released report at Politico says “some House Democrats are privately threatening to skip” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 3 address, while US Vice President Joe Biden has yet to confirm his attendance. They might want to rethink their position, as a new Rasmussen poll finds considerable public support for Netanyahu’s speech.

    According to Rasmussen, voters support Netanyahu’s address to Congress over the objections of President Obama by a margin of 52 to 25%, with 23% undecided.

    The poll also found 44% of voters worried that relations between the U.S. and Israel have deteriorated during Obama’s presidency, while only 9% think the relationship has grown stronger.

    The overall approval numbers for Obama’s policy on Iranian nukes, the threat Netanyahu will address, looks bad for the president, 28% support, 45% disapprove. Unsurprisingly, the internals for all of these questions find strong Democrat approval and Republican disapproval for Obama, although the Republican disapproval is noticeably stronger.

    I’d be willing to bet most decent Americans would rather have Netanyahu as a President than the immature coward we have in office now.

    Article Link


    Obama’s New Atty General: Illegal Aliens Have Right to Take American Jobs

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 5:43 pm

    The policy that American businesses are breaking the law by hiring illegal aliens, and the belief that we need to crack down on those businesses that hire them, just got thrown out the window by the new Attorney General. She believes everyone should be able to get a job, even if you broke the law and have no right to be here.

    O’reilly just reported that all of the job growth for the last 8 years has gone to illegals and people with green cards. And these jobs aren’t working in the fields. They’re getting the high paying engineering type jobs. These are jobs that should be going to Americans who were born here, or are here legally. Is it any wonder disability claims have increased by 50% and a record number of Americans are now on government assistance?

    Right to free speech? Nope. Right to bear arms? Forget about it. Right not to buy ObamaCare? Ha.

    But illegal aliens do have a right to take your job. It’s in the Obamastitution. Right after locking up filmmakers who mock Islam. And children who bite pop tarts into the shape of a gun.

    Just ask Obama’s AG nominee.

    Attorney General nominee Loretta Lynch backed up President Obama on his controversial immigration executive actions during her confirmation hearing Wednesday — while going as far to say she believed in an illegal immigrant’s “right” and “obligation to work.”

    Under questioning from Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala., who asked whether legal residents or illegal immigrants have more of a right to a job, Lynch said everyone should be able to work.

    Article Link


    Border Surge Likely Again In 2015, Data Shows

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 6:59 pm

    Do our leaders not know that terrorists can read and they follow our news? Terrorism is growing around the world by leaps and bounds, and we’re inviting anyone into the country that wants to come. It’s only a matter of time before Jihadists slip through the cracks and do some real damage to the homeland.

    It doesn’t help that the Republicans have bailed on their campaign promises regarding immigration. They think a bill that only adds 47 miles to the border fence and does nothing about Obama’s catch and release policies is good enough. We didn’t elect them to go along with Obama’s stupidity, we elected them to stand for something and do something about big problems. I guess that was too much to hope for.

    The flow of Central American migrant families across the Texas border is continuing at almost the same level as a year ago, according to newly released federal data.

    In the last three months of 2014, 7,468 Central American migrants crossed in family units, down only 12 percent from the 8,511 migrants who crossed during the last three months of 2013, according to the federal data.

    The late 2013 flow was the vanguard of roughly 60,000 adults and children who crossed in so-called “family units” during the 12 months up to October 2014. That “family unit” inflow occurred alongside the much-publicized inflow of 60,000 children and youths.

    Since last summer, White House officials have made deals with Mexico and other Central Americans countries that are intended to block the northern flow of migrants. The continued flow across the border suggests those deals have not succeeded.

    The continued inflow is also a warning sign for Republican leaders, who are rapidly pushing a new border security bill that only adds 48 miles of fending to the 2,000-mile border but doesn’t do anything to end President Barack Barack Obama’s catch-and-release policy toward Central American migrants, say critics.

    Article Link

    Army Says Still No Decision on Bowe Bergdahl’s Fate

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 3:29 pm

    The military is now denying any action or decisions on the fate of Bergdahl. What could possibly take so long to decide? He walked off the post during a time of war and spent 5 years with the enemy. He converted to Islam, spoke their language so well he forgot English, and as far as I know he’s never said he didn’t want to leave his post. Get to the article 32 already. He shouldn’t still be working and getting paid as a Sargent, a rank he didn’t earn. And he definitely shouldn’t get 200,000 dollars in back pay for something he brought on himself.

    No decision has been made about Bowe Bergdahl’s future, military officials said today, as an Army general continues to review the circumstances surrounding his 2009 disappearance that led to five years in Taliban captivity.

    The Army issued a statement today denying media reports that said Bergdahl would be charged with desertion, possibly as early as next week.

    Major General Ronald Lewis, the head of Army public affairs, labeled the reports as “patently false.”

    “To be clear, there have been no actions or decisions on the Sergeant Bergdahl investigation,” Lewis said.

    The investigation remains with Milley, “who will determine appropriate action — which ranges from no further action to convening a court-martial,” Lewis added.

    Link to Article

    Latest Obama executive order: 12 million acres of ANWR now off limits

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 8:49 am

    Obama is going around Congress again by making all of ANWR untouchable wilderness. This undoes the legislation passed by Congress in 1980 allowing for a small area of AWNR to be used for oil and gas exploration. Why do we even have a Congress. The government is run completely by a narcissistic communist dictator. I’m sure it was no coincidence that Obama pulled this stunt while Lisa Murkowski has been corralling bipartisan support for more Arctic drilling.

    source article


    Obama Backs Campaign to Defeat Netanyahu in Israeli Elections

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 7:07 pm

    This is just wrong on so many levels. First, Obama shouldn’t be inserting himself in the Israeli elections. But, he isn’t just voicing an opinion, he’s actually funding the opposition to Netanyahu’s election, and has flown 5 campaign experts into Tel Aviv to help defeat him. They’re careful not to support any specific candidate, thereby avoiding Israel’s campaign finance laws. Just for a little extra nastiness and anti-Israel bias, he refuses to meet with Netanyahu when he speaks in front of the U.S. Congress in March. This is how he treats our allies, while sending Yemeni terrorists home to Al Qaeda to wage more Jihad. Is there any question that Obama is anti-America and pro Jihad?

    Obama won’t meet Benjamin Netanyahu – in Washington when he addresses the Joint Houses of Congress in March because of Netanyahu’s visit’s proximity to the Israeli elections. And Obama, of course believes in protocol and propriety which is why he won’t get involved. No, he’s not getting involved at all. He’s just sending his 2012 field campaign manager to Israel to run a campaign to defeat Netanyahu. That’s all. No interference whatsoever.

    The Israeli Left adores touting Netanyahu’s “interference” in American elections, specifically his expression of support for Mitt Romney in the 2012 campaign. When it comes to Israeli left-wing politics, there are simply things you just don’t do when you represent the center-right. It should come as no surprise then that Haaretz, known on this side of the globe for its freakish ability to generate anonymous White House sources that love talking about how much Obama hates Bibi (a shared talent among the Left) would conveniently forget to translate this little news item for their English-reading audience.

    Article Link

    Despite ‘War Against Al Qaeda’ in Yemen, Obama Seeks to Release 47 Yemenis from Gitmo

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 6:28 pm

    I’ve come to the conclusion that our President is just flat stupid. Al Qaeda is taking over Yemen, and Obama’s answer is to release 47 Yemeni Al Qaeda from Gitmo. Our enemy takes more land and Obummer sends them reinforcements. There is no hope for him, only change for the worse, and a whole lot of favors done for Muslims and Jihadists.

    The Obama administration says it is “in a war against al Qaeda.” But at the same time, it is trying to release 54 more Gitmo detainees, 47 of them from Yemen, which is one of the “dark corners” where al Qaeda operates.

    “We say we’re in a war against al Qaeda,” White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough told CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday. “We have just never said we have been in a war against terrorism, which is a tactic…We are, however, at war against al Qaeda, its manifestations in Yemen, its manifestations in South Asia, its manifestations in East Africa, North Africa.”

    They’re resettling these Yemeni terrorists in other countries as if that will end their lust for terror and keep them permanently away from Yemen. Why do we elect morons?

    Article Link


    White professor teaches the ‘problem of whiteness’ course at Arizona State University

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 11:42 am

    Now Universities are teaching that it’s a problem to be white. Can you say reverse racism? What would the media and the elites do if they taught a class on the problem of blackness? There would actually be something non-racist to teach in that class. Things like the prevalence of fatherless homes in the black community, poor schools in black neighborhoods, gangs, and a disproportionate amount of black crime (usually black on black crime). Instead whitey is the problem according to our professors. It’s an upside down world we live in.

    Article Source


    Martin Dempsey: ISIS Will ‘Collapse Under It’s Own Contradictions’

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 8:56 am

    While the United States is committed to defeating the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL) and other terrorist groups, General Martin Dempsy, current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said eventually ISIS will collapse on its own.

    In a pre-taped interview that aired on “Fox News Sunday,” Dempsey said he has long maintained that a group that embraces radical ideology has to maintain momentum to succeed.

    The United States has destroyed a lot of their equipment and reversed some of their territorial gains and has had an impact on their leadership and command and control, Dempsey said, but added, “What will eventually cause the defeat of ISIL is that it will collapse under its own contradictions, frankly. When the populations in which it tries to maneuver realize that that ideology is not to their future benefit.”

    Name me an Islamic country, or terrorist group, that has ever realized their barbaric lifestyle is not to their benefit. ISIS and every other terrorist group will be there until someone makes them leave or kills them. They’ve been killing for over a thousand years, so I’m not holding my breath for some kind of self imposed end to their reign of terror. Hamas has been weak at times and strong at times, but they’ve always been there killing people. How many thousands more people have to die while the U.S. waits for their “momentum” to subside and for them to self-implode? And this guy is running the military. Is it any wonder we’re losing wars all over the dang world.


    The Real Story Behind the Unemployment Drop

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 7:46 pm

    Unemployment droped to 5.6%, but Wages fell, and a record 92,898,000 Americans dropped out of the workforce.

    Businesses had been creating jobs at a monthly pace of 224,000, though wage growth remained modest and the drop in the headline rate had come in large part due to a decline in the labor force participation rate. Indeed, the participation rate continued to plummet, falling to a fresh 37-year low of 62.7 percent.

    A record 92,898,000 Americans are now not in the work force according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The number of people participating in the work force also dropped back down to 62.7 percent, from 62.9 percent in November. The last time the rate hit 62.7 percent was in February of 1978. As Boehner said, “far too many middle-class families are struggling to bridge the gap between rising costs and stubbornly flat paychecks.”

    This is what Obama calls a recovering economy. Recovering for who? The middle class is taking it in the pocket book with rising costs, and people are giving up on finding work. Hardly the signs of a booming recovery.

    Temperatures on the red planet were warmer on Thursday than fourteen states from Washington to Maine

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 6:33 pm

    MUMBAI: Two of three scientists at a session on climate change and society at the Indian Science Congress on Tuesday felt fears of man-made global warming were greatly exaggerated.

    The weather patterns this winter just aren’t doing global warming loons any favors. In fact it’s making them look like idiots. Even when you substitute “climate change” for global warming, everyone knows these dolts said it would get warmer, and they cried out about the ill effects warmer temperatures would have on the environment. I wonder how long it will be before even the hard core give up and start screaming about a coming ice age that’s caused by man made environmental hazards?


    Record Snowfall Florida…

    Teams to Fight Frigid Air in Green Bay, New England NFL Playoffs…

    City warning New Yorkers about an increase in cases of Legionnaire’s disease

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 6:11 pm

    Legionnaire’s disease is a deadly form of pneumonia, and it’s apparently on the rise in New York. Recently warnings were given about a reemergence of the measles. Kids are getting head lice in schools. Several communicable diseases were a problem in New Mexico in a facility to house illegal immigrants. Illegal Alien Minors have been shown to be spreading TB, Dengue, Swine Flu and other diseases as they come across the border and get sent to different parts of the country. Right after Obama announced his amnesty plan a strange outbreak occurred across the Midwest of Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68), which is related to the common cold but causes severe respiratory illness. The disease has sent a multitude of children to the hospital, with some requiring treatment in intensive-care units. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

    Obama’s master plan to increase the liberal voting block is making Americans sick, in some cases with diseases that had once been eradicated, and are deadly. Thanks Obama. I hope your family gets to enjoy these new diseases, too.

    New York Story

    UPDATE: 5 New Measles Cases Reported With Ties to DISNEYLAND…

    Obama proposes free community college program

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 3:59 am

    There is no such thing as free Community College. What Obama is proposing is that someone else will foot the bill for everyone’s college. That someone else will be the American tax payer. If he wants free college why doesn’t he pack up his family and move to a communist country.

    The national debt reached 18 trillion recently, up from 9 trillion when Obama took office. How many more trillions is he going to add in order to buy votes? The uninformed voters and liberals will actually believe this is free, and they’ll be hooked on another freebie that’s really not. We can’t afford this man in office anymore. He’s going to do more than transform this country, he’s going to sink it.

    President Obama on Thursday proposed making community college free “for everybody who is willing to work for it.” In a video posted on Facebook, the president previewed his plan, which will be formally announced during a trip to Tennessee Friday. “It’s not for kids,” Obama said. “We also have to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to constantly train themselves for better jobs, better wages, better benefits.”

    The proposal drew an immediate critical response from House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who said, “with no details or information on the cost, this seems more like a talking point than a plan.”

    Article link


    Flood of Anti-Boehner Calls Rattles Leadership

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 9:03 am

    Good job to all those who called and let their opinions be known to their Representatives. We’re starting to get under their skin, but it needs to be a sustained effort. Every time Boehner does something weak kneed or in lockstep with Obama, we need to pick up the phone and give them a repeat lesson on what the people want. This is proof that they hear us when we contact them in significant numbers. Let’s use that weapon regularly and often.

    It wasn’t the Republican votes against House Speaker John Boehner that truly rattled the GOP leadership, it was the phone calls.

    There were hundreds of them, jamming the phone lines of the district and Capitol offices of dozens of House GOP lawmakers.

    The callers were not angry about legislation. Nor were they asking for help with a local matter. They were demanding their representative vote against Boehner Tuesday in his bid to win election to a third term as speaker.

    For the GOP leadership, the flood of calls was a game changer. It thrusted the leadership into triage mode as it scrambled to heal the growing rift among House Republicans. …..

    Full Article


    Puerto Rican migration to the U.S. mainland triples

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 9:11 am

    Of course the number flowing in from Puerto Rico borders has tripled. Obama opened the doors wide and said come on in. We’ll give you a drivers license, a job that should have gone to an American, and all the welfare you can stand. It kills me that our leaders pretend immigration is going to help our economy. How is taking jobs from Americans, and lowering the wages of the jobs they do get to compete with cheap labor going to help our economy? The answer is, it’s not! More people will be living under the poverty line and we’ll no longer have a middle class. They’re turning us into the same kind of third world country these people left.

    The Puerto Rican exodus is at its height. And to judge from Transport Statistics Bureau data, over 72,000 Puerto Ricans left the island during the first 6 months of 2014, El Nuevo Día reports.

    This number is triple what was recorded for the same period in previous years. For example, over 24,000 people left Puerto Rico during the first 6 months of 2013.

    According to demographer Judith Rodriguez, the numbers are alarming and prove what was suspected, namely that Puerto Rican emigration to other places in search of a better quality of life is increasing at a huge pace.

    Meanwhile, economist Gustavo Vélez said that the different administrations in the island have underestimated this situation despite the great impact it has on the economy and that it is necessary to address it immediately.

    The Economy Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    Economist Antonio Rosado told Noti Uno that the massive migration of Puerto Ricans that tripled last year originated with a structural problem in the island’s economy.

    Article source

    Iran General: Our Ultimate Goal Is the Destruction of America And Israel

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 3:37 am

    Losing wars has consequences. Other enemies see it as an invitation to win a war against you, too. They see you as weak and incompetent. It doesn’t help that Obama is making deals with Iran and proposing putting an embassy there. Obama has succeeded in emboldening the entire Middle East and giving them the confidence that they can destroy America and Israel. There’s no reason not to try now. Obama is blind and inexperienced and he has cost us dearly around the world.

    The commander of Iran’s notorious Basij forces declared Monday that the Islamic Republic’s ultimate goal is the destruction of America and Israel.

    “Today there is no mandate to end our fight because Iran’s greatness in the region and the repeated losses by the Zionists and America are the proof of our fight up to today,” Gen. Mohammad Naghdi said, according to Fars News Agency. “Our ideal is not [nuclear] centrifuges but the destruction of the White House and the annihilation of Zionism [Israel].”

    The regime’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has also called for the continuation of the fight to destroy America, saying: “This battle will only end when the society can get rid of the oppressors’ front with America at the head of it, which has expanded its claws on human mind, body and thought. … This requires a difficult and lengthy struggle and a need for great strides.” …..

    Full Article


    Harvard Faculty Revolts Over Obamacare Cost Increases

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 7:55 pm

    Hahaha and ha!! These liberal university elites were probably all for Obamacare and looked down their noses at the troglodytes who didn’t think it was a good idea. Now their having to pay more just like we said they would. Too late now losers.

    Harvard faculty members are apoplectic over changes to their university-provided health-care plans related to Obamacare — after Harvard researchers spent years promoting the Affordable Care Act. The New York Times reports that faculty members voted unanimously in November to oppose a slight increase in out-of-pocket costs Harvard proposed for the plans. The university administration cited the need to confront the “added costs” caused by Obamacare provisions. Despite the protests, the university enacted the increase in January. That hasn’t stopped faculty from waxing apocalyptic about the change.

    Article Link


    Revolution: Only 16% of GOP Voters Support Boehner and McConnell for Leadership of New Congress

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    I’m glad to see Republicans are united on this. We’ve got to have new leadership to go with the new Congress. They need to have spines, be truly conservative, and willing to call Obama out on his unconstitutional actions. Boehner is a weak coward who doesn’t uphold conservative principals. I can’t think of a single significant thing the man has done in his term as Speaker of the House. It will take 30 Republicans voting for someone else to get rid of Boehner, so get on the phone and start calling your Representatives. Tell them you want new leadership and why.

    A second round of poll results from a survey of Republican voters taken Christmas week was released on Sunday. The poll shows that a revolution is at hand with a stunning majority of 2014 GOP voters who gave their party control of both houses of Congress ready to throw out the Republican leaders of both houses in favor of new leadership.

    Only sixteen percent of voters surveyed want both John Boehner and Mitch McConnell to serve as leaders of the House and Senate respectively when the 114th Congress convenes this week. Boehner’s support on his own for Speaker of the House of Representatives is a pitiful twenty-five percent while McConnell’s support for Senate Majority Leader is just as bad at twenty-seven percent.

    A shocking nine out ten GOP voters have no faith in political leaders of either party.

    If our Representatives listen to us at all, they HAVE to vote Boehner out.

    Article Link

    [Palestinian Authority] PA to Submit Request to Join Interpol

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    Why don’t we just sign up Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and ISIL while we’re at it? The activities the PA engages in are exactly what interpol was put in place to police. Things like cross-border crimes and terrorism, money laundering, corruption, arms trade, and human trafficking. On top of that you must be a STATE to be in interpol, which the PA is not, even though they’ll say they are. Is the standard for joining now how many children and innocent men and women you’ve blown up? I don’t think it would work anyway. Once they were accepted they’d have to turn themselves in for terrorism.

    The Palestinian Authority (PA) has decided to join the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), an official told the Ma’an news agency on Saturday. […]

    Ahmad al-Rabie said that the PA submitted a request to join the Interpol in 2011 but that it was only accepted as an observer and not as a full member because it had not been recognized as a state at the time and did not have control over its borders.

    This time, however, the PA is sure that 128 countries will vote in favor of the state joining Interpol, four above the required threshold, al-Rabie told Ma’an.

    He said joining Interpol will result in several international benefits for the PA, including the ability to take part in fighting cross-border crimes and fighting terrorism, money laundering, corruption, arms trade, and human trafficking. …

    Article Link

    How Sharpton gets paid to not cry ‘racism’ at corporations

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    It’s amazing that Sharpton can’t pay his taxes with all the money he gets from shakedowns. What a criminal and a phony, con man. Obama is almost worse for taking this slime ball on as an adviser. I wonder what Sharpton has on Obama? It must be something pretty bad to take on a known con man as your lead guy on matters of race. I guess we really can’t rule out Obama agreeing with the “reverend” either, though. After all, he did go to a church for 20 years that preached “God Damn America!”. Same kind of creep.

    Want to influence a casino bid? Polish your corporate image? Not be labeled a racist?

    Then you need to pay Al Sharpton.

    For more than a decade, corporations have shelled out thousands of dollars in donations and consulting fees to Sharpton’s National Action Network. What they get in return is the reverend’s supposed sway in the black community or, more often, his silence.

    Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal met with the activist preacher after leaked e-mails showed her making racially charged comments about President Obama. Pascal was under siege after a suspected North Korean cyber attack pressured the studio to cancel its release of “The Interview,” which depicts the assassination of dictator Kim Jong-un.

    Pascal and her team were said to be “shaking in their boots” and “afraid of the Rev,” The Post reported.

    No payments to NAN have been announced, but Sharpton and Pascal agreed to form a “working group” to focus on racial bias in Hollywood….

    (Excerpt) Read more at nypost.com …

    Article Link


    Reid breaks face, ribs, and bones exercising

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    Does it really seem plausible that a person could break their face, several ribs, and other bones in an exercising accident? In our corrupt political system, I’d be more likely to believe he got the snot beat out of him by someone unhappy with the election results. Maybe it’s true, but it just seems a little odd that exercise equipment attacked him.

    Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid was discharged from a Las Vegas hospital Friday, after sustaining some nasty injuries during his home exercise routine.

    Kristen Orthman, Reid’s deputy communications director, said Reid is on his way home to Henderson, Nev., after an overnight stay at University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

    The Senate’s top Democrat, 75, will return to Washington this weekend and is expected to be ready to do battle with Mitch McConnell and the Republican majority when the 114th Congress gets sworn in Tuesday.

    mmhmm, I bet he will be ready to do battle after getting the crap beat out of him.

    Link to Article

    More on the “accident”

    More on his injuries


    Obama set to make deal with Iran

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    These three headlines say it all.

    OBAMA: Iran has ‘chance to get right with world’…

    Doesn’t rule out US embassy in Tehran…

    Can Be ‘Very Successful Regional Power’…

    Obama thinks he can save his legacy by making a deal with the devil. And, the cost of that deal will be Iran getting nuclear weapons and passing them on to terrorist organizations. Obama treats our enemies better than he does our allies. He’s making these deals with Iran, while chastising Israel for everything they do to protect themselves. Nothing good can come from becoming an ally with a country that wants to destroy you and your allies. It seems simple to me, but it seems everything having to do with Muslim countries is difficult for our cowardly President. He gives in to all of them. Under his leadership we’ve lost 2 wars and set in motion a nightmare of terrorist growth and success, and now we’re on the verge of caving in to Iran. Two more years of this is a truly scary thought.

    Taliban Claims America ‘Defeated’ in Afghanistan

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    This is what our weak, cowardly President has brought us. Defeat. In two wars that we were once winning in Iraq and Afghanistan, he has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and left us looking like losers in the eyes of the world. The Taliban is already moving back into areas of Afghanistan that our troops had cleared of their presence before the draw down and evacuation. It won’t be long before the Taliban rules Afghanistan again and Isis joins them to plot attacks on America and Israel. We have 2 more years of this jerk to endure. It’s scary to think what the world will look like when he finally leaves office, and how many attacks on the homeland we’ll have had to endure.

    Reuters is reporting that:

    Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan on Monday declared the “defeat” of the U.S. and its allies in the 13-year-old war, a day after the coalition officially marked the end of its combat mission.

    Meanwhile, as the AP reports:

    Thousands of Afghans are pouring into makeshift camps in the capital where they face a harsh winter as the Taliban return to areas once cleared by foreign forces, who this week are marking the end of their combat mission.

    And, as Heath Druzin of Stars and Stripes reports, some U.S. troops will remain in Afghanistan in what their commander describes as:

    “… a non-combat mission in a combat environment.”

    This is what happens when you set an arbitrary date to tuck tail and run, and don’t listen to your generals.

    Article Link


    U.S.-Led Forces Formally Ending Afghanistan Combat Mission

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    The Obama administration is making the exact same mistake they made in Iraq. The Taliban is by no means defeated. In fact they’re as strong as they’ve ever been, and we’re abandoning the Afghan troops to fight them alone. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. I don’t think our president is insane, however. I just think he cares more about politics and ending wars than he cares about human lives, or winning those wars. He’d rather lose and pretend it’s a victory because he pulled out of Afghanistan when he said he would. We’ll be sending troops back to retake land just like we’re doing in Iraq, and more of our troops will pay the ultimate price for Obama’s idiocy.

    U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan are formally ending their combat mission on Sunday, leaving Afghan forces to battle a still-resilient Taliban insurgency largely on their own.

    You have to register to read the full article here.


    U.S. offering $5 million reward for Al Qaeda capo … who was released from Gitmo in 2006

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    You don’t rehabilitate Jihadis. They go right back to the battle field every time, because all they know and all they’ve been taught since they were born is to kill, maim, and brutalize the enemy. We shouldn’t be letting any of the prisoners out of Gitmo while the war is raging harder than it ever has. It’s stupid. But, that’s our President. It’s more important to him to close Gitmo because he once said he would than to protect innocent life. He’s as sick and twisted as the prisoners he’s releasing.

    Ibrahim al-Rubaysh was originally released in 2006 by the George W. Bush administration and put into a Saudi Arabian “rehabilitation” program. However, al-Rubaysh returned to the battlefield and now serves as a top leader with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula — one of the most dangerous Al Qaeda affiliates…

    Lt. Col. Myles Caggins, Defense Department spokesman for detainee policy, said more than 90 percent of detainees transferred under the Obama administration “have resumed quiet lives in various countries.”…

    A briefing posting on the department’s Rewards for Justice website offers up to $5 million for information that “brings justice” to the former detainee. It says he has served as a senior “sharia official” with AQAP since 2013 and as such, “provides the justification for attacks conducted by AQAP.” He also is involved in planning attacks, the posting says.

    Article Link


    Obama Throws Fidel a Rope

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    Our President is a Marxist, stupid, and an imbecile when it comes to foreign policy. So he traded a prisoner for three communist prisoners. Fine. But saying that the past President’s policy of Cuban isolation hasn’t worked is idiotic. That isolation helped bring down Russia and end the Cold War. Now when some have said a new Cold War is starting, he ends the isolation of Cuba. He’s dead set on bringing this country down. We’ve got ISIL in Iraq, Russia in Ukraine, North Korea hacking Sony, and terrorists flooding across our borders, and he decides to play footsy with Cuba and Iran. He needs to be impeached for treason.

    The celebrations in Havana and the sullen silence in Miami tell you all you need to know about who won this round with Castro’s Cuba.

    In JFK’s metaphor, Obama traded a horse for a rabbit.

    We got back Alan Gross before his Communist jailers killed him, along with an American spy, in exchange for three members of a Cuban espionage ring. Had we left it at that, the deal would have been fine.

    But Obama threw in an admission that all nine presidents before him pursued a “failed policy.” Calling for recognition of the Castro regime as the legitimate government of Cuba, Obama said, “Isolation has not worked.”

    “Not worked”? What is he talking about? Isolating Cuba during the last 30 years of the Cold War helped bankrupt and bring down the Soviet Empire, which had to carry Cuba on its back….

    Article Link

    IRS Head: ‘We May Not Have the Resources…to Provide Refunds as Quickly’

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    The IRS sure had the resources to collect all of our taxes. Our refunds certainly won’t be larger than that, so what’s the problem? Quit playing games with the stupid budget and do your job. That’s every government agencies excuse now – oh it’s the budget cuts, sequestration made us unable to find those e-mails…. How about the resources it took to go after Conservative groups. Couldn’t they use those resources to speed things up?

    IRS Commissioner John Koskinen says budget cuts just enacted by Congress could delay tax refunds next year.

    At a news conference Thursday, Koskinen said taxpayer services will be hurt, and fewer agents will be auditing returns. He said about half the people who call the agency for assistance won’t be able to get through to a person.

    IRS Delayed Refunds

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Budget cuts at the IRS could delay tax refunds, reduce taxpayer services and hurt enforcement efforts, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said Thursday.

    About half the people who call the IRS for assistance this filing season won’t be able to get through to a person, Koskinen said. Once tax returns are filed, there will be fewer agents to audit them.

    Not believing it.

    Article Link

    Fewer US-Born Americans Have Jobs Now Than In 2007

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    Almost one in every two jobs added since 2009 have gone to foreign-born workers. But the number of Americans with jobs has fallen by 1.5 million, from 124 million in November 2007 to 122.6 million November 2014. All of the net gain in jobs has gone to foreign born workers. We’ve got a serious unemployment problem with American born people, especially in minority communities, and Obama wants to give millions more jobs to illegals. There’s something seriously wrong with this picture.

    Fewer Americans born in the U.S. have jobs now than were employed to November 2007, despite a working-age population growth of 11 million.

    The amazing drop in employment highlights President Barack Obama’s slow recovery from the deep 2008 shock, but also spotlights many companies’ growing reliance on foreign migrant labor.

    Almost one in every two jobs added since 2009 have gone to foreign-born workers.

    In November 2014, one in every five U.S. jobs was held by a foreign-born worker, up from one-in-six jobs in January 2010, according to federal data highlighted by the Center for Immigration Studies.

    Since November 2007, the number of working legal and illegal migrants has risen by two million, from 23.1 million in November 2007 to 25.1 million in November 2014.

    But the number of Americans with jobs has fallen by 1.5 million, from 124 million in November 2007 to 122.6 million November 2014.

    “All of the net gain in employment since 2007 has gone to immigrants (legal and illegal). … Native employment has still not returned to pre-recession levels, while immigrant employment already exceeds pre-recession level,” said a Dec. 19 statement from the group…..

    Full Article

    See also: 11 million fewer in workforce


    Rep. Blackburn: Nothing Fair or Legal About Executive Amnesty

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    There are going to be a lot of people burned by the new executive amnesty. People who have come here legally and have been waiting patiently for their papers will go to the back of the line behind thousands of illegal immigrants who are already getting their papers, and jobs to boot. It’s not right, but it is just like Obama to do it that way.

    There is nothing “fair” about President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, said Thursday on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum.”

    Blackburn offered a couple of examples of how the executive order is hurting some of her constituents, including a woman who legally emigrated from Kurdistan who has been waiting to get her permanent resident’s card. When the thousands of people being hired under Obama begin to process the wave of immigrants legalized by his order, the Kurdish woman will be behind those who entered the U.S. illegally.

    “They left unlawful rule in Iraq and came here because of their desire to live in a lawful, free society and to honor people that have broken the rule of law makes no sense at all and it’s just blatantly unfair,” Blackburn said.

    The millions of out-of-work Americans will see the president grant work permits to the millions of people who broke the law when they entered the United States, she said, while Americans born here will “be at the back of the line.” …

    Article Link


    Secret Service Report: Build Better White House Fence To Protect The President

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    Do ya think? Really? I can’t believe they thought of that all by themselves. People have been jumping over that fence since I was a little kid. Some of them got all the way in the White House. Now in 2014 the Secret Service comes up with a big idea. Lets build the fence bigger. Good job guys! Now take that logic and use it on our southern border!

    The Department of Homeland Security released an executive summary of its report on the Secret Service moments ago. The report recommends that the U.S. government replace the entire fence surrounding the perimeter of the White House. The report was drafted after a fence-jumper made it into the White House in September, prompting a congressional hearing and the resignation of Secret Service Director Julia Pierson. Officials for the DHS declined to say in the report “precisely what the optimal new fence should look like,” but offered some suggestions. “A number of common-sense improvements should be explored. ….

    Article Link


    Former Abortion Worker from Chula Vista Abortion Clinic Tells of What She Saw

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    What a sick person to think that the dismemberment of a baby in the womb is impressive. How can a person watch little feet, little legs, little arms, heads, sexual organs, and other parts being ripped off what is obviously a baby, not just lifeless tissue. The methods they use to abort different stages of abortion are barbaric. Things like putting acid in the uterus to kill the baby, or sucking the baby’s brain out with a suction tube. I can’t understand the evil it would take to do that for a living. These methods should be used on the abortionists.

    “When they’re about 12 weeks, then the doctor takes the baby out with forceps. He takes the baby out in pieces. He checks each part and he places each one in a tray down below. When he finishes the procedure, I have to drain everything. We drain it to separate body parts from blood. We place all the parts in a jar that goes to the laboratory. It’s impressive how well-defined they are. You can’t believe what you are seeing. You see perfect little hands, tinier than those of a Barbie doll. You can see intestines, tiny ribs, their little faces, and their tiny squashed heads. You can distinguish among the parts if the baby was a boy or girl…. It makes me so sad to see the jars. It’s very hard for me to do all this. To see all that falls on the floor, or for example, to remove a tiny foot from the instruments. A girl who worked here told me that she came home with a tiny foot stuck to her uniform, close to her shoulder.

    Article link

    Cuomo to Ban Fracking in New York State, Citing Health Risks

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    What an idiot. Cuomo is going to ban fracking in New York state. He thinks it’s a health risk, and could pollute the water and air. I don’t know where he gets this information, but many states are using fracking to extract oil and have had no problems. New York has had no provable problems either. Fracking is good for our economy and has lowered the price of gas. Leave it to Cuomo to dump on a good thing. What will he ban next?

    The Cuomo administration announced Wednesday that it would ban hydraulic fracturing in New York State, ending years of uncertainty by concluding that the controversial method of extracting gas from deep underground could contaminate the state’s air and water and pose inestimable public-health risks…

    That conclusion was delivered publicly during a year-end cabinet meeting called by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo in Albany. It came amid increased calls by environmentalists to ban fracking, which uses water and chemicals to release natural gas trapped in deeply buried shale deposits.

    Article Link

    VIDEOS: Rubio blasts White House’s ‘absurd’ Cuba concessions

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    Now Obama’s making deals with the devil. The Castros haven’t changed, so why the change in American policy toward their country? What else will this idiot do before we get him out office. He’s already making similar deals with Iran. Deals that will mean nothing and do nothing to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. In fact, he’ll probably help them.

    FOLLOWING RELEASE OF AMERICAN ALAN GROSS after five years of captivity in Cuba, President Obama orders the start of talks with government of President Raul Castro to normalize relations, including opening an embassy in Havana, review of Cuba’s terrorist designation and the easing of travel and monetary restrictions — while calling on Congress to lift or ease the decades-old embargo.

    Link to video and article