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    Does Christianity have a Future?; Study shows Christianity on decline in the wealthy West

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 7:18 pm

    This is sad, but not surprising. Have you ever noticed we’re the only religion who sends most of their missionaries overseas to places like Africa, and doesn’t do much in the way of missionary work at home? We send our money overseas, and kill millions of our babies. The Muslims don’t do that. While things are definitely going to get bad for Christians, and already are in so many places, at least we know that we win in the end, and spend eternity with Jesus ruling over the world. Still, it makes me sick that our government is doing nothing about the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East. Hopefully a Presidential election will change that, but I’m not holding my breath. Christians are the only religious people on the planet that it’s okay to persecute.

    A new study shows Christianity on the decline in the wealthy West, with Islam surging. What Would Jesus Say? It’s not what you think.

    A study released by the Pew Forum last week demonstrates that the future of the religious world is rapidly and dramatically changing. Differences in fertility rates and the high incidence of conversion make Islam the world’s fastest-growing religion. And, if current rates continue, by 2070 Islam could be the world’s largest.

    Between now and 2050 the number of Muslims is projected to rise to 2.8 billion, a 35 percent increase. While India will continue to be predominantly Hindu, it will also be home to the world’s largest Muslim population. And, by 2050, Muslims are slated to make up 10 percent of Europe’s population and be the largest non-Christian religion in the U.S.

    There is good news for Hindu and Jewish populations, too, which will continue to grow, and the global population of Buddhists should hold steady.

    Changes are coming, though, for Christianity. The trend of southward expansion will continue. By 2050, 4 out of every 10 Christians will live in sub-Saharan Africa. Christianity will grow, but not in wealthier countries. In the U.S., the Christian majority will slip from roughly three-quarters of the population to a still-healthy two-thirds.

    We should take the findings with a pinch of salt. As a study, it is grounded in the assumption that people will continue to act in the future as they have in the recent past. In other words, the study assumes that economics, education levels, migration patterns, technological and health-care advances, military conflicts, and politics will not impact fertility and conversion rates in the decades to come. That seems unlikely to be the case.

    Article Link


    Obama does nothing to stop slaughter of Assyrian Christians

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 6:07 pm

    Obama gets upset about a cartoon of his prophet Mohamed, but another holocaust against Christians in the Middle East doesn’t even make his radar. He’s more concerned with getting voters to cross the Mexican border and too concerned with his ego and legacy to care about children being crucified, and Christians being murdered in mass. We don’t have a President. We have a dictator with no conscience. It doesn’t make me feel very safe, because he probably cares even less about the safety of the American people.

    1. Col. Sangari, summarize the situation of the Assyrian Christians on the Nineveh Plains.

    The Assyrian Christian communities on the Nineveh Plains in Iraq, and also in northern Syria in the Khabur River Valley, are facing annhilation by the forces of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). According to UN sources an estimated 660,0000 Assyrians have been driven from their homes by ISIL forces and are now living as refugees in Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, and even Iran.

    2. Which forces in Iraq are currently fighting ISIS and are they working together?

    Since August of 2014 Assyrian military forces have been fighting in Syria and Iraq under Assyrian command and control and the Assyrian flag. These forces have achieved unity of command and unity of effort, and are recognized by coalition forces as vital partners in the fight against ISIS/ISIL aggression. In October, and because of the demonstrated combat effectiveness of Assyrian forces, Sunni, Kurdish, and Shia forces began recruiting Assyrians into their ranks using the political networks they had previously embedded in the Assyrian communities. This move siphoned off troops and money from Assyrian forces, causing a reduction in their combat capabilities that contributed to the loss of 37 communities to ISIL in the Khabur River Valley. If this trend of Assyrian volunteers being sent to fight with other non-Assyrian groups is not halted, the result will be the complete destruction of the Assyrian Army and the subjugation of Assyrians in their own homeland under Kurdish, Sunni, and Shia military leadership and civilian administration.

    3. In your recent media appearances you´ve spoken about a double standard being used by the US government with respect to the Assyrian Christians–why is this true?



    Support rising for use of ground troops

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 9:47 am

    Even a majority of Democrats now support ground troops in Syria and Iraq to destroy the Islamic State. Only 30 percent of the country doesn’t support ground troops. The difference between the American people and our President is that we’re not Muslim supporters and we’re smart enough to see that the threat from Isil is only going to grow. We’re also tired of seeing Christians marched off to their death along with other minorities and anyone who doesn’t agree with the brutal animals that make up the Islamic State. They’re exterminating Christians and anything Christian from the land they occupy. Some of the destruction has been of priceless artifacts from the 9th century BC. The only thing these animals understand is overwhelming force, and the only way to stop them is to kill every last one of them. We can’t do that from the air and Obama knows it. He doesn’t care, because he wants it to be the next presidents problem. He doesn’t have the guts or the brains to wage a successful war, and he knows that too. So just like in Nazi Germany America will stand idly by while people die and Isil grows to a world wide force and hits us here at home. If only Bibi Netenyahu could be our president.

    Support for using ground troops in the battle against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is on the rise, according to a new survey.

    A Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday found that 62 percent of voters in the United States would support using combat troops in Iraq and Syria. Only 30 percent would oppose it, and overall support for deploying troops against ISIS was strong regardless of party, gender or age.

    Seventy-three percent of Republicans surveyed would approve the use of ground troops, as would 53 percent of Democrats. The poll also found strong support for ground troops among Independents, with 60 percent saying they would back their deployment in the fight against ISIS.

    The Quinnipiac poll shows a significant uptick in support for a combat mission. In late February, a Pew poll found that 47 percent would back boots on the ground. A separate CNN/ORC poll from the same month also concluded 47 percent supported the same outcome.

    The poll’s findings come as Congress debates whether to authorize a request President Obama made on Feb. 11 for war powers against ISIS. His proposed authorization for use of military force (AUMF) would prohibit the use of “enduring offensive ground combat operations,” language aimed at soothing Democratic fears about a prolonged war in the Middle East.

    link to article


    Jordanian King may PERSONALLY Fly Air Strikes Against ISIS

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 5:03 pm

    At least someone in this war has a pair. Can you imagine our president even knowing how to shoot a gun. I think a lot of Obama’s indecision and cluelessness is really just weak kneed fear. He knows he’s not qualified to run a war, especially against his own people.

    If anybody has any doubt about the Jordanian King being serious in delivering an “earth-shattering” response against ISIS, wonder no more.

    Several Arabic newspapers have just reported that King Abdullah, who is a trained military pilot, may actually climb into the cockpit personally on Thursday to participate in the raids against ISIS. SNIP

    California Rep. Duncan Hunter publicly stated, “King Abdullah is not President Obama.” I can’t think of a truer statement!

    Article Link

    Jordan planes strike Islamic State after pilot murder

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 4:06 pm

    The tiny country of Jordan, with a small but efficient military is taking the lead in the war on ISIL, while Obama sits back and pretends nothing is happening, and refuses to provide military aid to Jordan. Children are being killed in mass murders, they’re being crucified and buried alive by the Isis’ barbaric animals. This is the beginning of world war III and we have a president that wants to talk about the crusades and the Inquisition, as if something that happened hundreds of years ago excuses what Islamic extremists are doing in the Middle East right now. Two more years of this man as out President could have very dire consequences for us and the whole world. The American people don’t trust Obama to protect them, and our allies don’t trust him to be there for them if they fight against this scourge. That leaves ISIL to run wild and murder their own people in mass. We’re fooling ourselves if we thing we’re not going to get hit next. I think most Americans know this fact. Perhaps that will be the one thing that will push Obama to do something besides golf and go on vacations.

    Jordan said Thursday it had launched air strikes against the Islamic State group, after vowing a harsh response to the burning alive of one of its fighter pilots.

    “The Jordanian air force launched raids against positions of the Islamic State group,” said a government official, who did not want to be named.

    Meanwhile the gruesome death of Moaz al-Kasasbeh drew a torrent of condemnation across the world.

    Hashtags to express grief over Kasasbeh’s death have taken over Twitter only hours after the news broke out on Tuesday, Al Arabiya News reported Wednesday.

    Article link


    Poll: Americans Support Netanyahu Speaking To Congress

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 5:59 pm

    It’s good to know that the American people aren’t the anti-Semites that out president and representatives are. But it’s sickening that our Democrat Congressman are planning not to show up for Netanyahu’s visit. Could they be any more slimy and out of touch with the American people, not that they really represent us on much of anything.

    A newly released report at Politico says “some House Democrats are privately threatening to skip” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s March 3 address, while US Vice President Joe Biden has yet to confirm his attendance. They might want to rethink their position, as a new Rasmussen poll finds considerable public support for Netanyahu’s speech.

    According to Rasmussen, voters support Netanyahu’s address to Congress over the objections of President Obama by a margin of 52 to 25%, with 23% undecided.

    The poll also found 44% of voters worried that relations between the U.S. and Israel have deteriorated during Obama’s presidency, while only 9% think the relationship has grown stronger.

    The overall approval numbers for Obama’s policy on Iranian nukes, the threat Netanyahu will address, looks bad for the president, 28% support, 45% disapprove. Unsurprisingly, the internals for all of these questions find strong Democrat approval and Republican disapproval for Obama, although the Republican disapproval is noticeably stronger.

    I’d be willing to bet most decent Americans would rather have Netanyahu as a President than the immature coward we have in office now.

    Article Link


    Obama Backs Campaign to Defeat Netanyahu in Israeli Elections

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 7:07 pm

    This is just wrong on so many levels. First, Obama shouldn’t be inserting himself in the Israeli elections. But, he isn’t just voicing an opinion, he’s actually funding the opposition to Netanyahu’s election, and has flown 5 campaign experts into Tel Aviv to help defeat him. They’re careful not to support any specific candidate, thereby avoiding Israel’s campaign finance laws. Just for a little extra nastiness and anti-Israel bias, he refuses to meet with Netanyahu when he speaks in front of the U.S. Congress in March. This is how he treats our allies, while sending Yemeni terrorists home to Al Qaeda to wage more Jihad. Is there any question that Obama is anti-America and pro Jihad?

    Obama won’t meet Benjamin Netanyahu – in Washington when he addresses the Joint Houses of Congress in March because of Netanyahu’s visit’s proximity to the Israeli elections. And Obama, of course believes in protocol and propriety which is why he won’t get involved. No, he’s not getting involved at all. He’s just sending his 2012 field campaign manager to Israel to run a campaign to defeat Netanyahu. That’s all. No interference whatsoever.

    The Israeli Left adores touting Netanyahu’s “interference” in American elections, specifically his expression of support for Mitt Romney in the 2012 campaign. When it comes to Israeli left-wing politics, there are simply things you just don’t do when you represent the center-right. It should come as no surprise then that Haaretz, known on this side of the globe for its freakish ability to generate anonymous White House sources that love talking about how much Obama hates Bibi (a shared talent among the Left) would conveniently forget to translate this little news item for their English-reading audience.

    Article Link


    Iran General: Our Ultimate Goal Is the Destruction of America And Israel

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 3:37 am

    Losing wars has consequences. Other enemies see it as an invitation to win a war against you, too. They see you as weak and incompetent. It doesn’t help that Obama is making deals with Iran and proposing putting an embassy there. Obama has succeeded in emboldening the entire Middle East and giving them the confidence that they can destroy America and Israel. There’s no reason not to try now. Obama is blind and inexperienced and he has cost us dearly around the world.

    The commander of Iran’s notorious Basij forces declared Monday that the Islamic Republic’s ultimate goal is the destruction of America and Israel.

    “Today there is no mandate to end our fight because Iran’s greatness in the region and the repeated losses by the Zionists and America are the proof of our fight up to today,” Gen. Mohammad Naghdi said, according to Fars News Agency. “Our ideal is not [nuclear] centrifuges but the destruction of the White House and the annihilation of Zionism [Israel].”

    The regime’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has also called for the continuation of the fight to destroy America, saying: “This battle will only end when the society can get rid of the oppressors’ front with America at the head of it, which has expanded its claws on human mind, body and thought. … This requires a difficult and lengthy struggle and a need for great strides.” …..

    Full Article


    [Palestinian Authority] PA to Submit Request to Join Interpol

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 4:53 am

    Why don’t we just sign up Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, and ISIL while we’re at it? The activities the PA engages in are exactly what interpol was put in place to police. Things like cross-border crimes and terrorism, money laundering, corruption, arms trade, and human trafficking. On top of that you must be a STATE to be in interpol, which the PA is not, even though they’ll say they are. Is the standard for joining now how many children and innocent men and women you’ve blown up? I don’t think it would work anyway. Once they were accepted they’d have to turn themselves in for terrorism.

    The Palestinian Authority (PA) has decided to join the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol), an official told the Ma’an news agency on Saturday. […]

    Ahmad al-Rabie said that the PA submitted a request to join the Interpol in 2011 but that it was only accepted as an observer and not as a full member because it had not been recognized as a state at the time and did not have control over its borders.

    This time, however, the PA is sure that 128 countries will vote in favor of the state joining Interpol, four above the required threshold, al-Rabie told Ma’an.

    He said joining Interpol will result in several international benefits for the PA, including the ability to take part in fighting cross-border crimes and fighting terrorism, money laundering, corruption, arms trade, and human trafficking. …

    Article Link

    Libya violence: Militants kidnap Coptic Christians in Sirte

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 4:19 am

    The attackers are the same animals Nato and Obama put into power to get rid of the ruling authority in libya. So, not only are we doing nothing to help the Christians who are being kidnapped, tortured, and killed, we’re supporting the people doing it.

    Masked gunmen in northern Libya have kidnapped 13 Coptic Christian workers from Egypt, just a week after seven others were abducted.

    Eyewitnesses in the city of Sirte said suspected Islamist militants went to a residential compound late at night and asked to see identification papers.

    Christians were then separated from the Muslims before reportedly being handcuffed and kidnapped.

    It is the latest in a series of attacks on Egyptian Christians in Libya.

    One witness said 15 masked gunmen went from room to room in the residential complex at about 02:30 local time (04:30 GMT) on Saturday morning.

    “They had a list of full names of Christians in the building. While checking IDs, Muslims were left aside while Christians were grabbed,” Hanna Aziz told the AP news agency.

    Article Link


    ISIS Releases Parenting Guide: Tell Jihadi Bedtime Stories ‘While They Are Babies’

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 7:37 pm

    These barbaric animals will never go away. At the rate they procreate, while we’re aborting our children, we’ll be outnumbered within a few generations. And, all those ISIS children will be raised to carry out Jihad, murder, and barbarism as sickening as anything the world has ever seen. We better pull our head out of our rectums and do something about ISIS now before the next generation joins them.

    Hot off the heels of releasing a guide on how to properly handle sex slaves, the Islamic State (ISIS) has begun distributing a handbook titled Sister’s Role in Jihad, designed to teach women how to properly indoctrinate their children to fully commit to the cause of jihadist terrorism.

    The guide, discovered and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), instructs jihadist mothers to start young, lest the child grow older and less susceptible to a full commitment to the Islamic State. The guide specifically calls for teaching children the importance of waging jihad “while they are babies” because anything older than infancy “may be too late,” as the Daily Mail reports: “Don’t wait until they are seven to start, for it may be too late by then!” The Mail highlights specifically that the guide tells mothers, “Don’t underestimate the lasting effect of what those little ears and eyes take in during the first few years of life!”

    The guide also encourages mothers to teach children how to play with toy guns and to introduce them to sports like darts that can help improve aim.

    Article Link


    Obama set to make deal with Iran

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 6:40 pm

    These three headlines say it all.

    OBAMA: Iran has ‘chance to get right with world’…

    Doesn’t rule out US embassy in Tehran…

    Can Be ‘Very Successful Regional Power’…

    Obama thinks he can save his legacy by making a deal with the devil. And, the cost of that deal will be Iran getting nuclear weapons and passing them on to terrorist organizations. Obama treats our enemies better than he does our allies. He’s making these deals with Iran, while chastising Israel for everything they do to protect themselves. Nothing good can come from becoming an ally with a country that wants to destroy you and your allies. It seems simple to me, but it seems everything having to do with Muslim countries is difficult for our cowardly President. He gives in to all of them. Under his leadership we’ve lost 2 wars and set in motion a nightmare of terrorist growth and success, and now we’re on the verge of caving in to Iran. Two more years of this is a truly scary thought.


    U.S. offering $5 million reward for Al Qaeda capo … who was released from Gitmo in 2006

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 10:20 am

    You don’t rehabilitate Jihadis. They go right back to the battle field every time, because all they know and all they’ve been taught since they were born is to kill, maim, and brutalize the enemy. We shouldn’t be letting any of the prisoners out of Gitmo while the war is raging harder than it ever has. It’s stupid. But, that’s our President. It’s more important to him to close Gitmo because he once said he would than to protect innocent life. He’s as sick and twisted as the prisoners he’s releasing.

    Ibrahim al-Rubaysh was originally released in 2006 by the George W. Bush administration and put into a Saudi Arabian “rehabilitation” program. However, al-Rubaysh returned to the battlefield and now serves as a top leader with Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula — one of the most dangerous Al Qaeda affiliates…

    Lt. Col. Myles Caggins, Defense Department spokesman for detainee policy, said more than 90 percent of detainees transferred under the Obama administration “have resumed quiet lives in various countries.”…

    A briefing posting on the department’s Rewards for Justice website offers up to $5 million for information that “brings justice” to the former detainee. It says he has served as a senior “sharia official” with AQAP since 2013 and as such, “provides the justification for attacks conducted by AQAP.” He also is involved in planning attacks, the posting says.

    Article Link


    ISIS Slaughters 150 Females in Iraq for Refusing to Marry, Have Sex with Them

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 11:26 am

    Lets play train the worthless Iraqi troops some more, while 150 women are slaughtered for not having sex and marrying ISIL terrorists. Because training the Iraqi’s is doing so much good. And while we’re at it lets withhold heavy arms to the Kurds – the only ones actually fighting in this war. Our President won’t listen to his generals and he’s too dense to fight a war and win it.
    Can you tell it makes me mad?

    “At least 150 females, including pregnant women, were executed in Fallujah by a militant named Abu Anas Al-Libi after they refused to accept jihad marriage,” said the Ministry. “Many families were also forced to migrate from the province’s northern town of Al-Wafa after hundreds of residents received death threats.”

    The militants buried the victims in mass graves in the city. The families who left lost many children after they were stranded in the desert.

    The Islamic State slaughtered over 50 people from the Al Bu Nimr tribe in Iraq’s Anbar Province on November 2. The massacre included six women and four children. Witnesses said the militants lined up the victims, whom they “publicly killed one by one.” Over seventeen people were kidnapped, as well. Militants murdered 98 people from the same tribe 24-48 hours before the massacre. The tribe is Sunni, which holds the same belief of Islam as the Islamic State, but now, they view the tribe as a threat. …

    Article Link

    American troops battle ISIS for first time as they see off attempted attack by militants on Iraqi base

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 11:05 am

    This is just the first time our troops have engaged with the enemy in months of fighting, and it’s to protect an Iraqi base. What about all the people being slaughtered and maimed by ISIL across three countries. Do we just let them die so we can do what the Iraqis should be doing themselves? We need more troops on the ground and more special forces to win against this enemy. Winning doesn’t seem to be a big priority for Obama, though. Avoiding being a war time president is his number one goal, no matter who has to die.

    A number of militants have been killed in Islamic State’s very first battle with U.S. ground troops after the extremists attempted to overrun an Iraqi military base.

    The militants attacked Ein al-Asad military base on Sunday where more than 100 U.S. military support troops are based.

    Despite launching the surprise attack just after midnight, ISIS’s offensive was swiftly repelled when U.S. troops and F18 jets joined in the skirmish in support of the Iraqi Army.

    Article Link

    Islamic State Penal Code Promises Crucifixion, Lashing for Unbelievers

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 10:38 am

    It’s like we’re back in the crusades. Isis has released a penal code that prescribes lashings, severing of limbs, and crucifixions among other forms of torture for nonbelievers or “criminals”. Why isn’t the U.S. doing something about this. Why aren’t we fighting this war to win and save lives. After the Holocaust, didn’t we say never again? We apparently didn’t mean it. If it were Muslims being slaughtered instead of Christians you can bet the full force of the military would be used. Our Muslim President sickens me.

    The Islamic State (IS) has published it own penal code, which harshly penalizes actions such as sodomy and blasphemy with punishments including execution, crucifixion, lashing, and the severing of limbs, among other penalties.

    IS (also known as ISIL or ISIS) issued the detailed document as a “warning and a reminder to people living under its rule” that any behavior not in accordance with strict Islamic law will be cruelly punished, according to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which translated a copy of the penal code posted at a radical online depot known as the Jihadi Media Platform.

    Radical militants associated with IS emphasized that they have a “commitment” to enforce the brutal doctrine “vigilantly,” according to MEMRI…..

    Article Link


    ISIS using bombs containing live SCORPIONS in effort to spread panic

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 7:37 am

    Their ingenuity is just amazing when it comes to barbarism. It’s like a competition to see who can think up the most barbaric way to slaughter people. Now they’ve really proven they’re stark raving mad. ISIL is putting live, extremely poisonous scorpions in bombs to terrify the enemy. What will be next? An arena with live lions? People who think of these kind of things in the name of an awful religion, are just animals. Plain and simple. They need to be exterminated before they get their hands on something even more deadly. I don’t know if our current administration has the will to do what needs to be done, though. Biden probably considers ISIL our ally.

    Militants fighting for the Islamic State in Iraq have unveiled their latest terror tactic – bombs containing hundreds of live scorpions designed to spread fear among their enemies. Canisters packed with poisonous varieties of scorpion are being blasted into towns and villages, which explode on impact – scattering the scorpions and causing panic among the innocent local population.

    Article link

    Taliban kill 130 school children in Pakistan

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 7:02 am

    After this brutal assault by our ENEMIES, Biden stands by his statement that the Taliban isn’t a U.S. enemy. So, Mr. Biden are the murderers of countless people in Afghanistan and school children in Pakistan our friends? Do you support their actions then? You can bet if a Republican said something this stupid the media would be all over them. But, in this case it’s just slow uncle Biden being himself, and it’s ignored. When our leaders say things like this it makes us look weak, and invites more attacks. Biden should keep his mouth shut.

    A deadly, hours-long siege of a school in northwest Pakistan ended Tuesday evening with all the Taliban militants responsible killed, at least 130 people — most of them children — dead and a country once again grasping for answers after a horrific attack.

    Six suicide bombers scaled the walls of Army Public School and Degree College in the violence-plagued city of Peshawar around 10 a.m. (midnight ET) intent on killing older students there, according to Mohammed Khurrassani, a spokesman for the Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan, or Pakistan Taliban.

    These Taliban had “300 to 400 people … under their custody” at one point, Khurrassani said….

    Not our enemies at all.

    Article Link


    U.N. official: We have ‘run out of words’ to describe conflict in Syria

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 6:49 pm

    How about these words: Religion of peace, or hope and change. There are no words to describe how much damage the U.N. inflicts and how much worse they make situations every time they get involved. How about these words U.N. – stay out of it and let the adults handle it. Words aren’t going to fix it, bombs and troops on the ground are.

    “Every time we use a new figure in relation to the Syrian crisis, we say that it is unprecedented. We have run out of words to fully explain the brutality violence and callous disregard for human life which is a hallmark of this crisis,” Valerie Amos, the U.N. chief for humanitarian affairs said.

    The Syrian government has used barrel bombs in densely populated areas and “arbitrarily detained” citizens and subjected them to serious beatings and torture. Armed opposition groups have taken locals hostage and killed civilians by using explosive mortar and car bombs. ISIS has committed “mass victimization” of civilians, including murder, enslavement, rape, displacement and torture, Amos said.

    All parties involved in the conflict “continue to violate the most basic of laws with devastating consequences,” she said.

    The under-secretary general described a particularly horrible situation for the country’s children.

    Reports of children being publicly executed, crucified, beheaded and stoned to death — particularly by ISIS — has increased in recent months. Other children, sometimes as young as 5 years old, are being trained at military camps, Amos said.

    “This conflict is not only shattering Syria’s present, it is also destroying its future,” she added.

    Article Link


    Qatar broke promise with US, allowed Gitmo detainee to leave the country

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 5:32 pm

    Can we all say, du!, now. Of course they left the country. They all go back to the fight eventually, and our government is stupid to expect Muslims to keep other Muslims locked up. They’ve all read the same Koran and Haddiths, and they all follow the same Allah. They don’t have to do the actual beheading to do their part for the Jihad.

    Relying on allies that aren’t allies is yet another consequence of the Washington establishment’s determined refusal to face the realities of the jihad, and to formulate policy based on those realities.

    “Qatar ‘broke promise to US over Guantanamo detainee,’” by David Blair, the Telegraph, December 12, 2014 (thanks to Lookmann):

    Qatar broke an “explicit” promise by allowing a former Guantánamo detainee who had trained with al-Qaeda to leave the country and visit Britain, a new report has found.

    Jarallah al-Marri, who attended an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan before the terrorist attacks on September 11, was freed from Guantánamo in 2008.

    Mr Marri was allowed to go home to Qatar in return for a formal promise from the government of the Gulf state that he would not be allowed to leave the country. But a report from the Foundation for the Defence of Democracies in Washington said this pledge was broken.

    Jihad Watch


    Iran hackers may target US energy, defense firms, FBI warns

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 7:51 pm

    Since Iran is being so cooperative, why doesn’t Obama make a deal with them on their nuclear program in exchange for help with ISIL. They’re only targeting our energy, our critical infrastructure, and defense firms. We just need to understand their position better. For those who don’t know, this is sarcasm and mocking of our President’s way of thinking.

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation has warned U.S. businesses to be on the alert for a sophisticated Iranian hacking operation whose targets include defense contractors, energy firms and educational institutions, according to a confidential agency document.

    The operation is the same as one flagged last week by cyber security firm Cylance Inc as targeting critical infrastructure organizations worldwide, cyber security experts said. Cylance has said it uncovered more than 50 victims from what it dubbed Operation Cleaver, in 16 countries, including the United States.

    Article Link


    Obama to Let in More Security Risks from Syria

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 7:37 am

    So, in addition the the heroin, human trafficking, and gangs from Mexico and Central America, Obama is going to open the doors wide to thousands of Muslim Jihadis from Syria. They’re preparing for a “surge” of thousands per year for the next few years. How many people are going to be saying “not in my back yard” on this one. We’ve already got all of Mexico flooding in, now we’ll need more jobs that aren’t there for the Syrian refugees. Jihadis who will have little jihadis that grow up to be big Jihadis. Why don’t we just invite the whole world to join us? It’ll be fun. While we’re at it, let’s just make the U.S. a Muslim Country.

    Now that Republicans have made it clear they will do nothing to stop his amnesty for existing illegal immigrants, Obama is moving on to step two of his plan. He is planning to bring in more people who will constitute or public charge, or worse, represent a security risk.

    The LA Times is reporting that the administration will increase the number of refugees that are admitted from Syria: The U.S. government intends to dramatically accelerate efforts to resettle refugees from the Syrian civil war and is preparing for a “surge” of thousands in each of the next few years, State Department officials announced this week. They have some catching up to do: The United States has so far accepted only 300 of the more than 3.2 million refugees who have fled Syria since the war began almost four years ago. The United States is the world leader in refugee resettlement, accepting 70,000 displaced people a year, more than all other countries combined. It’s poured $3 billion into supporting the Syrian refugees who have spilled into camps and cities in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and other neighboring countries.

    And, these neighboring countries can’t take care of them because…….? Why do they have to come to America again? Possibly because we have a Muslim sympathizer running our country.

    Article Link


    Biden sees ‘less than even’ chance of nuclear deal with Iran

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 3:52 pm

    I hope we don’t come to any deal with Iran. Deals with Muslims mean nothing. The Koran instructs jihadists to lie if necessary to get the advantage over the enemy. Iran would lie, cheat, and make the U.S. look like fools for trusting them AGAIN.

    Biden, speaking at a forum on the Middle East at the Brookings Institution think tank, rejected calls for more sanctions against Tehran over its nuclear program because “this is not the time to risk a breakdown when we still have a chance for a breakthrough.”

    Biden said the sanctions imposed by the United States and allies were working by slowing Iran’s economy, as well as its nuclear program.

    “It’s frozen the program, it’s given us a shot for a peaceful solution,” he said. “I tell you, I think it’s a less than even shot but it’s a shot, nonetheless.”

    Article Link

    Feds: Navy engineer tried to steal schematics for new carrier class

    Filed under: — Jennifer Rast @ 7:46 am

    Between our politicized education system, and wide open borders, we now have the enemy living and working among us. Acts of treason like this are on the rise, and the infiltrators come from many backgrounds and groups. This Navy engineer was arrested for trying to steal the plans for the Navy’s most advanced aircraft carrier, with the plan of sending them to Egypt. According to meetings with an undercover FBI agent, they discussed where to hit the ship to sink it. So now we’ve got Egypt wanting to sink our ships. The entire Middle East is a threat to us now, with the exception of Israel, and Israel is the only country the President wants to get serious about sanctioning. He’d rather make deals with the Nuclear wannabes in Iran. We are in serious trouble with this President at the helm.

    A Navy engineer was arrested and charged Friday with attempting to steal plans for the Navy’s most advanced aircraft carrier, now under construction at Newport News Shipbuilding.

    Mostafa Ahmed Awwad, 35, a York County, Va., resident who worked at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Virginia, was indicted on two counts of attempted exportation of defense articles and technical data, according to a news release from U.S. Attorney Dana J. Boente. If convicted, he faces a maximum of 20 years in prison on each count.

    Awwad intended to send the schematics to Egypt, authorities said.

    Court documents describe a saga that included an FBI undercover agent posing as an Egyptian intelligence officer, a clandestine meeting in Sandy Bottom Nature Park in Hampton, a prearranged “dead drop” along a secluded hiking trail and Awwad’s alleged intention to wear a pinhole camera to photograph classified material.

    During one meeting with the undercover agent, he “discussed where to strike the vessel with a missile in order to sink it,” an affidavit states.

    Link to Article


    ISIS In Kobani And Raqqa Facing Huge Losses: Mounting Toll And Injury as Kurds Step Up Offensive

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    Thank God for the Kurds and their ability to fight. It sounds like they are having more success now. Hopefully, this means we are finally arming them with heavy weaponry. It also helps that we’ve sent Americans to help in the fight and direct it. It’s hard to know what to believe, though. I wouldn’t trust a word that comes out of John Kerry’s mouth. Or, anyone else in that administration, for that matter. The State Department is especially good at lying. Other reports say the U.S. airstrikes aren’t doing that much to help. They haven’t been aggressive enough under our pacifist, Muslim militant loving President.

    The ISIS in Kobani is facing severe damage and losses. The Syrian Kurdish town of Kobani has become the theatre of war between the Islamic State radicals, Kurds and the U.S. led allies who are pounding the town with air strikes to retrieve the town.

    According to a U.K. based monitoring group, the Islamic State fighters have faced severe reverses including hundreds of deaths and injury at the Kobani town, bordering Turkey. Highlighting the rising toll of ISIS cadres, Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that at least 50 militants had been killed in the last couple of days from suicide bombings and clashes with Kurdish fighters.

    Mounting ISIS Toll

    Several deaths were also caused by the air strikes by the U.S. led forces. Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the observatory said 30 air raids targeted Islamic State bases on the northern outskirts of Raqqa province and they inflicted huge damage to ISIS fighters, reported RFRL News.

    The sustained air attacks and ground offensive have loosened the grip of Islamic State fighters, who took control of Raqqa last year and made it their capital. Last week, 95 people were killed and hundreds were injured when Syrian warplanes pounded Raqqa. The dead also include some civilians.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the U.S. led coalition has been able to cause some serious damage to Islamic State insurgents in Iraq and Syria. The U.S. airstrikes evidently helped the fight against ISIS in the region. John Kerry claimed that the siege of Kobani had been loosened and within Syria ISIS command facilities have been destroyed and its oil infrastructure has also been heavily damaged.


    This success seems to be backed up by other sources:

    In Syria’s Kobani, Kurds fight ISIS amid devastation – CNN.com

    Islamic State Suffers Heavy Losses In Kobani, Raqqa

    ISIL loses 50 fighters defending Kobani | The National

    Hillary Clinton: We Need to “Empathize” With America’s Enemies

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    Hillary believes, as Obama does, that the way to handle barbarians who chop minorities heads off is to “empathize with them and respect them”. I have an idea. Hillary should make a trip to Iraq and empathize with some Muslim Jihadis. Surely, they’d see her respect and just go home, and all would be bliss and butterflies in Iraq. Liberals have no grasp on reality whatsoever. They’re dangerous to all of us, when in power.

    Americans who couldn’t get enough of six years of appeasement and pandering to our enemies can get eight more years of the same in 2016.

    All they have to do is vote Hillary. Who is Ready for Hillary? Iran, North Korea and Al Qaeda.

    Hillary Clinton is taking heat for saying America should “empathize” and show “respect” for its enemies.

    The former secretary of State, who is considered a likely 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, made the remarks during a speech Wednesday at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.

    Touting an approach she calls “smart power,” Clinton urged America to use “every possible tool and partner” to advance peace.

    This, she said, includes “leaving no one on the sidelines, showing respect even for one’s enemies, trying to understand and insofar as psychologically possible, empathize with their perspective and point of view.”

    What about their view that Christian children who won’t renounce their faith in Christ should be beheaded. Should we try to understand and empathize with that perspective and point of view. Liberals are insane.


    MSM blackout on Hillary’s ‘empathize’ with our enemies remark

    Obama Mulling Sanctions Against Israel

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    Our Muslim President is going to do his part to support the jihad, besides letting ISIL run rampant and kill Christians. He’s going to be the first president in history to put sanctions on Israel, our only ally in the Middle East, for building houses on their land. God will not be happy. Watch for lightning strikes around the White House. What makes this deal stink even worse is that he’s threatening these sanctions while making deals with our enemy Iran. Which is worse? A nuclear Iran, or some houses built in Israel? Priorities Mr. President, priorities.

    The classified meetings were reportedly held several weeks ago and included officials from both the State Department and White House, according to the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, which first reported on the meetings.

    The possibility of sanctioning Israel for its ongoing construction sends a signal that the Obama administration is willing to go further in its denunciations of Israel then any previous White House.

    At the same time, the White House is vigorously pushing Congress against passing new sanctions on Iran.

    When asked to address the reports Thursday afternoon, Harf declined to take a stance.

    “I’m obviously not going to comment one way or another on reported internal deliberations,” she said. “We’ve made clear our position on settlement activity publicly and that hasn’t changed.”

    Article Link

    See also Obama officials mum on reports White House weighing sanctions on Israel


    KOBANI SURROUNDED? ISIS reportedly attacking town from Turkey

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    If Turkey ever was an ally, they certainly aren’t now. I guess the bigger question is, why aren’t we arming the Kurds to the teeth? They’re good fighters and could hold off Isil, if properly equipped. That might interrupt one of Obama’s golf games, though. I feel sorry for whoever our new Secretary of Defense ends up being.

    The Islamic State group launched an attack Saturday on the Syrian border town of Kobani from Turkey, a Kurdish official and activists said, although Turkey denied that the fighters had used its territory for the raid.

    The assault began when a suicide bomber driving an armored vehicle detonated his explosives on the border crossing between Kobani and Turkey, said the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and Nawaf Khalil, a spokesman for Syria’s powerful Kurdish Democratic Union Party.

    The Islamic State group “used to attack the town from three sides,” Khalil said. “Today, they are attacking from four sides.”

    Article Link


    Veterans Slam Obama’s Leadership On Iraq (or lack thereof)

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    I’m glad the veterans are speaking out. I can’t imagine how it must feel to watch your buddies die in action taking territory, only to have the next President pull all the troops out and hand that territory over to even worse terrorists. It makes ME mad as heck, it has to enrage them.

    Veterans Day has come and gone, but the Media Research Center’s Dan Joseph had just one question to ask the Iraq War veterans: How do they feel about the Obama administration’s decision to pull all combat troops out of Iraq. In short, they weren’t pleased at all.

    One veteran called the president a “moron,” and that his friends who died over there would be rolling in their graves over Obama’s decision to withdraw from Iraq and end combat operations.

    Others also voiced their opposition to the decision, noting that there’s a reason why civilian control of the military comes with military advisers who have made careers serving their country and have decades of experience in this field; they’re there to help guide the president in making military decisions.

    Another veteran said it’s a bad move to go in and help a county, only to turn around and bail on them.

    With the rise of ISIS in the region, it’s hard to disagree with their sentiments.

    Article Link

    Pentagon prepares for more detainee releases from Guantanamo Bay

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    I guess we don’t have enough terrorists to deal with, especially with ISIL spreading into Africa. Let’s release some more to go back to the fight. Obama is determined to close Guantanamo before his last term in office is over, no matter what the cost to our soldiers, the Iraqis, Syrians, Africans, and other Middle Eastern countries.

    The Pentagon is preparing to transfer more detainees from Guantanamo Bay in coming weeks despite continued Republican opposition, according to defense and congressional officials.

    The Wall Street Journal reports that, after five detainees were transferred last week, there will be another round in December, but defense officials refused to disclose further information on their numbers or nationalities.

    Rep. Howard McKeon, R-Calif, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, complained at a recent hearing of an increase in notifications by the administration to lawmakers on coming transfers from the detainment facility.

    Full Article

    Israeli FM says Arab citizens should be paid to relocate to future Palestinian state

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    I seriously doubt this would work, or produce much of a result at all. Killing Jews and taking their land is far too important to the Palestinians. More important than money. They’d rather die themselves, if they could take some Jews with them. People like that don’t listen to reason, or ever compromise.

    Israel’s hard-line foreign minister says he supports paying Arab citizens to leave the country.

    In a manifesto of his Yisrael Beitenu party published Friday, Avigdor Lieberman says he favors ceding Arab majority areas in northern Israel to a future Palestinian state and providing economic incentives for Arab-Israelis — about 20 percent of Israel’s population — to encourage them to emigrate.

    The manifesto does not set out positions on the most difficult issues in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, including the status of Jerusalem and Israel’s borders.

    The reason the manifesto doesn’t tackle the issue of Israel’s borders is because the two state agreement would leave Israel defenseless in large areas of the country, with borders only 12 miles wide in places. It would be a recipe for disaster. A two state solution will never work, unless the Israeli’s are willing to just give up and leave themselves vulnerable to attack from all sides.

    Link to Article


    Report: Waqf Building Illegally on Temple Mount—Again

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    The Waqf has been doing construction around the temple mount for years, ostensibly to add on to the mosque. It’s been known for a long time, however, that what they’re really doing is trying to rid the Temple Mount of all evidence that the Israeli’s actually had, and still have rights to the Mount. Valuable artifacts have been destroyed and buried to hide this fact. If they didn’t get permits for this new venture, you can bet they’re up to their old tricks. It’s a shame that the true history of the Temple Mount can’t be known by excavating properly these precious archeological finds.

    The Jordanian Waqf continues to build illegally on the Temple Mount, photos leaked to Arutz Sheva revealed Wednesday.

    The photos, which were taken by a visitor to the Mount, show what appears to be new construction, under a tarp, in the northeast corner of the Mount.

    To clarify whether the Waqf has the license to build on the Mount—and what ramifications there may be if it does not—Arutz Sheva spoke to architect Gideon Charlap, who turned to the licensing and inspection bureau in Jerusalem “to address urgently the building violations and illegal construction on the Temple Mount,” as he put it.

    Charlap makes it clear that the pictures shows that the “Waqf is building without a permit from anyone,” and added that its official statements claiming that generators added to the site were provided by the Jordanian King are false. …

    Read the rest HERE

    Defense Secretary pick will be a challenge for Obama

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    With the mess in the Middle East, namely ISIL, and the problems with Russia, Obama is going to be hard pressed to find someone willing to take the job of Defense Secretary. They won’t want it for the same reasons Hagel is resigning. It’s all politics and the military is being run by the politicians just like in Vietnam. There won’t be any way to change that, which means the new Secretary would be inheriting a probable defeat in Iraq, a mess in Syria, a mess in the Palestinian territories, a nuclear Iran, and a President who is out to lunch. No one in their right mind would want that job, especially with the huge military budget cuts to make things even more difficult.

    The Defense Secretary job opening is emerging as a thanks-but-no-thanks opportunity, as some of the top potential prospects have already said they’re not interested in the job.

    Within minutes of reports Monday that Secretary Chuck Hagel would resign, the names of Michele Flournoy and Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed emerged as top prospects.

    But each made clear by the end of the day that they didn’t want the coveted but high-wire, Cabinet-level post.

    The new secretary would indeed step into a difficult and complicated world, with the emergence of the deadly and unpredictable militant group Islamic State, amid Defense Department cuts.

    Read the rest HERE


    Iman Attacked by Fellow Muslims After Condemning Har Nof Massacre

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    I guess it’s not popular to condemn bloody massacres when those massacres are perpetrated by fellow Muslims. I applaud this Imam for speaking out and trying to bring peace instead of bombs and bloody attacks on Synagogues.

    Sheikh Samir Aasi, Imam of the main mosque in the city of Akko (in above photo: front row, third from left), openly condemned the massacre that took place last week in a Har Nof synagogue. This terror attack was perpetuated by two Palestinian men, who entered during morning prayers and shot worshipers dead as well as stabbed them with meat cleavers.

    Aasi made the trip from Akko to Har Nof to participate in a pluralistic faith assembly attended by clergy from all of Israel’s faiths. The assembly was held in the synagogue where the attack took place. Aasi spoke there, saying “I come here today to condemn this terrible act, which crossed all lines. The time has come that people of faith must ask themselves, how have we gotten to this point?”

    “I specifically made that trip to send a message to extremists,” Aasi explained to Tazpit News Agency. “There is a red line, and it is absolutely and utterly forbidden to cross – holy places are holy places, and you cannot attack holy places, no matter what.”

    On Thursday, after his trip, his car was attacked with acid. “Every religion has its extremists”, Aasi asserted. “I was attacked because of what I stand for. These extremists don’t want relations between religions.”

    ‘But they are wrong, because attacks like this only make our resolve to continue working for peace and relations between our religions stronger.”

    Sheikh Aasi has reason to believe Muslim extremists want to stop him, as he has been working for a long time alongside Akko’s Chief Rabbi Yosef Yashar to promote peace and understanding between Akko’s residents. Akko is a mixed city of 46,300 people, with Jews making up two thirds of the population and Arabs comprising a quarter of the city’s residents.

    Chief Rabbi Yashar told Tazpit News Agency, “Akko is a mixed city, and [Sheikh Aasi and I] work together so that all who live here should live in peace. We are great friends.”

    “Sheikh Aasi was my guest in my Sukkah this past chag Sukkot, to show everyone what a “Sukkat Shalom” is,” Rabbi Yashar added.

    Rabbi Yashar and Sheikh Aasi regularly visit schools, both Jewish and Arab, across Akko to teach the students about both religions, and to promote understanding on both sides about their neighbors. “We discuss stories from both religions with the students, in order to teach both perspectives and help students understand their neighbors,” Imam Aasi said. “Thank G-d, Akko has wonderful leaders in all its religious institutions who work for peace.”

    This is not the first time Muslim extremists have attacked people who work to promote peace amongst Jews and Muslims, or between Palestinians and Israelis. Mohammad Zoabi, the teenaged cousin of Arab member of Knesset Haneen Zoabi, was forced into hiding over the summer after his life was threatened by Arabs unhappy with his pro-Israel activism.

    Link to article

    Second Temple Era Military Outpost Discovered, Possibly Destroyed By Alexander the Great

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    When they find Persian artifacts, it’s published in the news as a great find. When they find Jewish temple era artifacts, they’re destroyed and burried in huge holes by the Palestinians. There is plenty of evidence of Israel’s right to the Temple Mount, hence all the construction going on under the dome of the rock. They say they’re adding onto the mosque, but the buried artifacts prove the lie in that assertion.

    Archaeological excavations in Netiv Haasarah have uncovered a Persian era military installation. Netiv Haasarah is a town in the “Gaza envelope” with a population of about 700. The dig, being headed by Dr. Yael Abadi Rice, found a fortified town and a military tower, from approximately 2,100 years ago. This time period was when the Second Temple was standing in Jerusalem. “It seems this was a military outpost”, Dr. Rice told Tazpit News Agency. “Besides for the army stationed there, people were sent there to work the area on the road from Ashkelon to Gaza.”

    Article Link


    Ex-Gitmo ‘poet’ now recruiting for the Islamic State in Afghanistan and Pakistan

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    Obama is determined to close Gitmo before he leaves office in 2 years. Hence the uptick in releases of prisoners from the terrorist prison. His latest release immediately pledged his allegiance to Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, the Caliph of the new Caliphate in Syria and Iraq. This is just one example of many.

    He’s setting the Iraqi Army up for failure, along with our troops on the ground there. What kind of bonehead releases prisoners of war BEFORE hostilities are over? The dunce in the Whitehut, that’s who. He has no clue what he’s doing, but politics always trumps common sense with him. Closing Gitmo is more important to him than his sworn duty to protect and defend this country. It’s mind boggling. He’s done more for the Islamists and the illegals than he has Americans in the last 6 years. Oh, how I wish he could be impeached when the next Congress takes over. Even Biden has to be better.

    An ex-Guantanamo detainee based in northern Pakistan is leading an effort to recruit jihadists for the Islamic State, an al Qaeda offshoot that controls large portions of Iraq and Syria.

    Abdul Rahim Muslim Dost, who was detained at Guantanamo for three years, has sworn allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi. Dost’s oath of allegiance was issued on July 1, just two days after Baghdadi named himself “Caliph Ibrahim I” and declared that his Islamic State was now a “caliphate.”

    Pakistani officials have accused Dost of recruiting jihadists for Baghdadi’s organization. He is thought to be behind a graffiti campaign that aims to spread pro-Islamic State messages throughout northern Pakistan.

    According to Dawn, a Pakistani newspaper, Dost has even been named the head of the Islamic State’s presence in the “Khorasan,” an area that covers much of Central and South Asia, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran.

    The terrorists he’s releasing come back heroes, and they fight even harder for their cause.

    Link to Article

    Saudi Arabia outlaws ‘tempting eyes’

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    Saudi Arabia has imposed a new law on women unfortunate enough to have nice eyes. The men are such barbaric animals, they can’t be trusted to see seductive eyes. So now women’s faces must be covered too, if they’re nice looking. Next they’ll be making the goats where burqas with their faces covered.

    A new law in Saudi Arabia banning ‘tempting eyes’ has become the latest example of female oppression in the country.

    The law, which states that women with alluring eyes will be forced to wear a full veil, has been branded ‘stupid’ by dissenters and roundly criticised on social media, aina.org reports.

    Sheikh Motlab al Nabet, spokesman of the Saudi Arabian Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, said they ‘had the right’ to force women to cover their face.

    Link to article


    Obama condemning America’s next generation to witnessing a nuclear war in the Mideast

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    Isaiah 17:1
    1The oracle concerning Damascus. “Behold, Damascus is about to be removed from being a city And will become a fallen ruin. 2″The cities of Aroer are forsaken; They will be for flocks to lie down in, And there will be no one to frighten them.…

    Also read Psalms 83. It’s speaking of the times we’re living through right now.

    Unfortunately, Obama’s bumbling attempt at diplomacy may be the catalyst that leads to the fulfillment of this prophecy. Only a nuclear bomb could leave an entire city uninhabitable, as Isaiah says will happen to Damascus.

    I had a chance to sit down with Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) this week, only days away from another P5+1 meeting in Vienna for the Nov. 24 Iran nuclear deal deadline.

    We sat in his Capitol Hill office just hours before a letter written by him and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) and supported by 43 Republican senators was sent to the President warning him about bypassing Congress to strike a deal with the Iranian regime over the their nuclear agenda.

    My biggest fear is the President condemning the next generation of Americans to witnessing a nuclear war in the Middle East, which he should not pass on to his successors. We should make sure we execute policies so that Americans never have to witness that.
    -Senator Mark Kirk

    Link to Article


    New Kurdish offensive targets ISIS

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    Thank God for the Kurds. They seem to be the only ones who know how to fight, and are willing to do it. If not for them, we’d be nowhere in Iraq. As it stands, the Kurds are at least taking back territory from ISIL.

    Iraqi Kurdish forces launched a new offensive Wednesday targeting Islamic State group extremists as a suicide bomber killed at least five people in the Kurds’ regional capital.

    The operation came as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said details haven’t been finalized for a deal that would have his country train rebels to battle IS in Syria, where the militants also hold territory

    A U.S.-led coalition is targeting IS with airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, supporting Western-backed Syrian rebels, Kurdish fighters and the Iraqi military on the ground. The strikes have helped halt the extremists’ move to take the Syrian city of Kobani near the Turkish border, and enabled Iraqi forces to make key advances. On Tuesday, the Kurds captured six IS-controlled buildings in Kobani and confiscated a large amount of weapons and ammunition, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

    In Iraq, the new offensive by Kurdish forces, known as the peshmerga, targeted areas in Diyala and Kirkuk provinces, said Jaber Yawer, a peshmerga spokesman. The IS extremists had seized the territory in their August offensive that saw them capture a third of Iraq.

    Read the rest of the article HERE.

    Egypt targets Hamas’ terror tunnels

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    This is a good move, especially considering how many tunnels they found in the last war with Hamas. I hope they do it.

    EGYPT IS CONSIDERING creating a huge, 1,000-meter buffer zone in the Sinai Peninsula and digging a deep-water trench that would flood any future efforts to carve subterranean routes for smuggling weapons — and terrorists — in and out of Gaza.

    Link to article